Advocacy Updates – March 2015

Here's a little of what we've been up to in March. Also, don't forget, there is plenty of day-to-day advocacy that your year reps get up to. Don't hesitate to ask them about it!

QE2 Common Room - The common room has been lost, and most of our property removed and garbaged. We are actively working to get compensation via legal means, and secure a new space in the SCGH campus.

2nd Year Research Project Interviews - These were initially scheduled in study break/exam weeks, but have now been rescheduled for just after to ensure that exam study is not compromised.

HE Numbers - WAMSS is continuing to advocate on behalf of medical students for timely and thorough rectification of HE number problems. A comprehensive information sheet has been released on the WAMSS website and and the faculty is attempting to reduce waiting periods for HE numbers to be fixed. Continuing dialogue between Medical students, WAMSS and the Faculty is needed to ensure good outcomes.

Computers in FJ - The computers have been updated to the latest software. You can now procrastinate on youtube once again.

Unifi at Fiona Stanley - the Medical Education Building, and the Harry Perkins Building at Fiona Stanley are equipped with Unifi. We’re working with the Health Dept to explore equipping other hospitals with Unifi.

Sexual Harassment Working Group - WAMSS, in coordination with AMSA, has organised a working group to investigate sexual harassment towards students with a particular focus on reporting structures and actioning of complaints.