Special General Meeting – 15th July 2015

Dear Students,

You are invited to WAMSS' Special General Meeting (SGM) on the 20th of April at 6pm in the Fox Lecture Theatre, located within the Arts Block.

As a medical student of UWA, you are an automatic member of WAMSS and are entitled to both attend the meeting and vote on all matters.

Please find attached to this invitation, the committee reports, agenda items, and documents of reference related to motions for consideration at the July SGM.

This SGM has been called to address a few administrative matters that were missed in the April SGM. In addition, it seeks to remove the position of Wellbeing Officer from 2016. If you intend to attend, please do read the proposal and come ready to discuss at the meeting.

To RSVP please complete the form at this link.
Click here to download the attachments for the meeting.

Kind regards,
Georgina Carr, WAMSS Secretary