WAMSS Committee for 2016

We are pleased to announce the WAMSS Committee for 2016. Thank you to all students who voted during this election process, and to all students who nominated for a position. It's this continued democratic involvement that results in a wonderful committee and Society.

PositionPersonEmail AddressRole Description
PresidentRama Chidambaram[email protected]Contact for issues of leadership, advocacy, AMSA, and other.
Vice President InternalMarissa Loh[email protected]Contact for UWA medicine educational issues, and management of WAMSS committee
Vice President ExternalJack Dewsbury[email protected]Contact for the purpose of sponsorship and promotions.
TreasurerBenjamin Palladino[email protected]Contact for invoicing, receipts, and reimbursements.
SecretaryLianne Leung[email protected]Contact for general inquiries.
Education Portfolio
Education OfficerKaren Bromley[email protected]Contact for UWA medical Education issues, and HE numbers.
First Year RepresentativesTBC[email protected]Contact for any first year issue.
Second Year RespresentativesMilly Bakker & Charlie Viska[email protected]Contact for any second year issue.
Third Year ReprestentativesNikitha Boyapati & Ben Edland[email protected]Contact for any third year issue.
Rural Clinical School (RCS) RepresentativeTBC[email protected]Contact for any RCS issue.
Fourth Year RepresentativesTess Vermeulen & Chris Horton[email protected]Contact for any fourth year issue.
International OfficerJonathan Tan[email protected]Contact for any international student issue.
Academic Programs
Student Grand Rounds (SGR) Co-ordinatorsRichard Goodheart, Gary Zhang & Tim Hardy[email protected]Contact if you have questions about peer tutoring, mentoring or the Teaching on the Run program
Academic Events CoordinatorsMassimo Berneri & Gary Lau[email protected]Contact if you have any questions or ideas for events to supplement the core academic program
SHMRCCaleb Kim[email protected]Contact if you have any questions about the WAMSS’ Student Research Conference
Communications Portfolio
Marketing OfficersBrian Wong & Ella Giudice[email protected]
Publications OfficersTommy Ikonomidis, Stephen Meek & Jess Perring[email protected]Contact for all publications issues including any ideas for publication content
Undergraduate Communications Officer (UCO)Hamish Newman[email protected]Contact for information about the WAMSS Associate Membership or for more information if you are an undergraduate student interested in medicine!
Website & IT OfficerTristan Dale[email protected]Contact for issues and questions regarding the website or any IT matters
Global Health
Interhealth Co-ChairsEmma Lu & James Nguyen[email protected]Contact for a wide variety of issues relating to Global Health
Red Party CoordinatorsRoberta Dumbrava & Katie Elliott[email protected]Contact for all matters related to the annual Red Party
Social Justice
Lookout RepresentativesJasmin Sekhon & Alma Corker[email protected]Contact for volunteering and charity queries, or to get involved in a local volunteering project
Code Green OfficerJacinta Fong & Demi Vlachos[email protected]Contact for all matters of environmental health and broader environmental issues
Indigenous RepresentativesMeghan Gledhill & Phoebe Strickland[email protected]Contact for matters relating to Indigenous medical students
Mental Health Co-ChairShalika Arniotis-Streat & Thalia Robey[email protected]Contact for all things mental health and wellbeing for WAMSS
Social RepresentativesOliver Dearsley, Saish Neppalli & Siyang Zhang[email protected]Contact for anything related to social events on the WAMSS calendar including MedFest and Suits and Scrubs
Orientation EventsCharlie Lefroy & Gavin Huangfu[email protected]Contact the organisers of various orientation events for the incoming students including the Orientation Camp and Welcome BBQ
Medical Dinner RepresentativesAlex Hansen, Oliver Righton & Elyse Phillips[email protected]Contact for things related to the organisation and running of the annual WAMSS Medical Dinner
Allied Health RepresentativesAksh Handa & Jamie Tamm[email protected]Contact for the Allied Health Event
Sports RepresentativesChloe Kirk, Josh Taylor, Rikki Thorne & Davide Tomassoni[email protected]Contact for all things sport related
AMSA RepresentativeGerardo Arwi[email protected]Contact for issues related to AMSA, and AMSA policies. e.g. National Convention delegations
AMSA Junior RepresentativeHannah Matthews[email protected]Same as above
WAMSS Electives and Exchange OfficerJonathan La[email protected]Contact for all electives and exchange-related
business within WAMSS
Foundation ChairHarry D'Souza[email protected]Contact for anything related to the Foundation Committee, which coordinate and allocate Foundation projects, and deliver the Foundation report at the
Immediate Past PresidentRhiannon Hicks[email protected]