Help; I Think I’m Losing My Mind

If you are feeling more down than usual, don’t enjoy things you normally do, have been feeling particularly anxious or nervous, know that you are not alone.


Try talking to friends or family and make some time for self-care: you could try doing exercise or you could even try some mindfulness/meditation.

If these aren’t helping, you could consider professional help. You do not have to fit DSM criteria to be ‘allowed’ to seek help - everyone has the right to some extra support.

A good place to start could be to talk to your GP about how you are going. If you don’t have a regular GP, the UWA Medical Centre is conveniently located and you can easily book an appointment online or by calling up.

UWA also offers up to six counselling services to students per calendar year - this could be a great place to start in just sorting out your thoughts and regaining a sense of control in your mind. They can also help justifying Special Consideration applications.

This is located at Student Services on the UWA main campus - you can make appointments by phone  (Tel: 6488 2423) or by visiting the Counselling services building. For more information, see here

Alternatively, two counsellors have been specifically assigned to helping students in the faculty of Medicine. One counsellor attends the QEII Faculty office each week and provide sessions that may be more convenient to clinical years students.

Please be assured that this is all confidential and will not go on your academic transcript.

AMSA Mental Health’s website has lots of useful resources and stories. In particular, their resource Keeping Your Grass Greener is really worth a read, either for yourself or to be prepared in helping your friends.