The WAMSS Committee Structure

WAMSS is made up of an extremely diverse group of students, and has thus has many sub-committes and positions in charge of various initiatives. Below is a short description of each role.

WAMSS Committee Structure GraphicClick for full size.

Executive Committee


The President is the leader of WAMSS. They are WAMSS’s spokesperson and are ultimately responsible for the management and overall direction of WAMSS. They specifically represent WAMSS to Governments and Health Departments, Universities and Faculties, and to the Australian Medical Students' Association and other Medical Student Societies. As you may have noted, their role is one of external representation of WAMSS. If you have any questions about the big picture for WAMSS and where it is headed, then contact the President.

Vice President Internal

The  VPI is the chair of the WAMSS committee; they also represent WAMSS externally when appropriate and coordinate the Education Portfolio in partnership with the Education Officer. VPI represents WAMSS on a wide range of Education Committees within the Faculty and UWA.  If you have any questions about how WAMSS is run and organised, or issues pertaining to the Education Portfolio, then speak to your VPI.

Vice President External

The VPE acts as a coordinator; they coordinate WAMSS sponsorship activities, external communications, marketing and representation. Their role is more public than private; if you have any questions about WAMSS as an entity or have any ideas for sponsorship, then contact your VPE.


If you want to formulate a budget, or discuss the gold standard, then the treasurer is someone to talk to. While they do not have a very public role on WAMSS, they are someone who you can approach with general enquiries, and like any member of the exec they will endeavour to help put you in contact with someone to resolve your situation.


For all your organisational, communication, and behind the scenes of WAMSS - send an email to your Secretary! If you have anything you want others to hear about – the Secretary is the person to contact to get it in the WAMSS bulletin.

Education Portfolio (headed by VPI)

Education Officer

“If you have any questions about how WAMSS is represented at a faculty level regarding educational and workforce issues, or about how current educational issues may affect you; send an email to the Education Officer.

AMSA & Junior AMSA Representative

AMSA is the national representative body of medical students in Australia; the WAMSS AMSA rep is your voice in that national body. They also organise local ASMA endorsed events such as the annual AMSA blood drive, the local AMSA ThinkTank (a brainstorming session to produce AMSA policies) and the annual Leadership Development Workshop. If you want to know more about what AMSA is, what they do, what the current national issues are or what events are coming up; contact your AMSA rep

Year Reps

Your year reps are your class captains; if you want to find out what's happening on the WAMSS calendar that's relevant to your year group or you just need someone to talk to then contact your year reps. They are your first point of call for education and course issues as well, and represent your year group at the relevant faculty committees.

International Student Representative

The international officer is the person whse job it is to advocate oft international students studying medicine at UWA. If you are an international student and need help with your degree, or if you have any questions about potential issues facing you; contact the International rep.

Rural Clinical School Rep

The RCS Rep represents all students placed at RCS (WA) sites. In conjunction with their Notre Dame counterpart, the RCS rep meets with the relevant School staff on educational issues, and represents the view of this student body to WAMSS.

Social Portfolio

Social Representatives

The Social reps are responsible for organising WAMSS social events (excluding the ball), including the Beginning of Semester Show, River Cruise, Cocktail parties and more. If you want to know what’s happening on WAMSS’s social calendar, if you’re scared you’re so unhip your bum might fall off or if you’re keen to get involved; send a message to your social reps”

Med Camp Representatives

Med camp is back this year for WAMSS’s associate members, brought to you by your med camp reps. If you have any questions about the camp or you want to get involved; send an email to your med camp reps

Med Dinner Representatives

Med dinner, the reasonably magnificent highlight of the WAMSS social calendar is brought to you by your med dinner reps. If you want to know more about the event, or you want to get involved; contact your med dinner reps.

Allied Health Representatives

The Allied health reps organise and run the Allied health show (aka a really big party for all students studying health related courses at WA universities). If you’re keen to get involved; contact your Allied health reps

Social Justice Portfolio

LookOut Representatives

Lookout is the charity arm of WAMSS. They run several WAMSS charity events during the year (Scrubber day and BedPush) and get the WAMSS delegation ship shape and ready for PROSH and Relay for Life. If you want to know more about Lookout’s aims or want to get involved; send a message to your Lookout reps

Code Green Officer/s

The Code Green or environment officer is the WAMSS answer to Captain Planet. Their job is to educate medical students and the WAMSS committee on how we can function in an environmentally sound manner (both as an individual and an entity). They also liaise with AMSA's Code Green Initiative. If you want to know how you can make a difference to your planet; contact you environmental officer.

Indigenous Representative/s

The Indigenous representative(s) role is to represent the Indigenous medical students on the WAMSS Committee and in any issues that arise. As part of this they may organise events, educate and advocate on Aboriginal Health issues.

WAMSS Mental Health Chair

Sports Portfolio

Sport Representatives

Sports reps organise sports events for medical students of all year groups. Their mission is to promote involvement and participation across all year groups, including our associate members. If you want to get involved; talk to your sports reps.

Global Health Portfolio

Red Party

Red Party Coordinator oversees the Red Party campaign. The campaign aims to raises funds and awareness for HIV/AIDS. There is a main fundraising event called Red Party, as well as an educational campaign called Red Aware. In the past a number of events have been held including parties, quizzes, arts and films nights. It is well supported by the UWA students and the people of Perth.

Interhealth Co-Chairs

The Interhealth co-chairs are responsible for running the global health side of WAMSS, including initiatives such as the Global Health Short Course, Teddy Bear Hospital and Birthing Kit workshops. They also represent WAMSS on the AMSA global health committee. If you have any questions about what Interhealth does or you want to get involved; talk to your Interhealth co-chairs.

Communications Portfolio

Publications representatives

The Pubs reps are responsible for ensuring the writing, printing and distribution of most of WAMSS’s publications including the ‘Alternative Faculty handbook’, 'Flux', 'Murmur' and 'Reflex'. If you want to get involved as a writer for any of these, or you want to know more about what they are; contact your Pubs reps.

Website and IT Officer

The IT officer is responsible for the WAMSS website and associated IT systems that WAMSS uses. If you're seeking help with online student notes, need help purchasing tickets or want to give feedback about the website; contact your Website and IT Officer.

Marketing Officers

The Marketing officers are responsible for maintaining and developing the external and internal image of WAMSS as a professional and approachable entity. They are also responsible for the WAMSS merchandise and gathering feedback to help improve WAMSS and its membership benefits. If you have any queries about  merchandise or what WAMSS membership can offer you, get in touch with your Marketing officers.

Academic Portfolio

SHMRC Committee
The SHMRC subcommittee is run by the SHMRC Convenor/s and assists the Convenors in putting together WAMSS’ Student Research Conference. Positions will be advertised for at the beginning of 2014. Please check the WAMSS website and email bulletin at the time. If you’d like more information on the SHMRC please email [email protected]

Academic Events Coordinator/s

The academic events co-ordinator organises academic themed events throughout the year. Previous initiatives include suture workshops, emergency medical challenges and mock OSCEs.

Student Grand Rounds Coordinator/s
The SGR coordinators organise theory and practical tutorials for pre-clinical students. They also arrange suitable training for the peer-tutors.

Non-portfolio positions

Foundation Chair

The Foundation Chair facilitates the activities of the WAMSS Foundation, an initiative set up adjacent to WAMSS to objectively review it's structure and function, and perform activities if directed by the WAMSS Committee.

Immediate Past President