Congratulations to the WAMSS Committee for 2015!

With the final votes counted and recounted for good measure, here is the WAMSS Committee for 2015:

Kiran Narula - President

Sophie Doherty - Vice President (Internal)

Vibhushan Manchanda - Vice President (External)

Georgina Carr - Secretary

Malcolm Teo - Treasurer


Emily Alfonsi - Education Officer

Rebekah Tan - International Officer

Samantha White and Guy Armstrong - Second Year Representatives

Katherine Ong and Weijie Weng - Fifth Year Representatives

Lily Loughman and Matthew Palladino - Sixth Year Representatives


Catherine Honey - AMSA Representative

Cameron White - AMSA Junior Representative


Emily Frost, Daniel Ross and Catherine Jolghazi - Social Representatives

Vibhushan Manchanda and Zoe Krisnadi - Allied Health Representatives

Kuroush Ardeshirian and Chris Hall - Orientation Events Representatives

Tom Bartlett, Chance Drummond and Verity Moynihan - Medical Dinner Representatives

Sophie Wiegele - Red Party Coordinator


Oliver Righton, Alex Hansen, Connie Smith and Danielle Malatzky - Sports Representatives


Cassie McCloskey and Portia Smallbone - Lookout Representatives

Clarissa Soh - Environmental Officer

Wong Hong Liang - Wellbeing Officer

Sarah Cole - Undergraduate Communications Officer

IT/Website Officer - Julian Chung

Alwin Lian and Rachel Ozanne - Academic Events Coordinators

Ranesh Palan and Emily Stern - Student Grand Rounds Coordinators