Students In Health and Medicine Research Conference

SHMRC is coming soon!

SHMRC is an evening research symposium showcasing research from students of the University of Western Australia Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences.

Since its establishment in 2007, SHMRC has developed into a world class research conference where students present pioneering research that is both inspiring and innovative. The symposium gives student researchers the opportunity to share their research with clinicians, researchers, fellow students and the WA health community.

Students presenting at the symposium are recognised for their achievements and have the opportunity to win cash prizes, including a travel bursary! This is not to mention the door prizes, goody bags and food available to all that attend. Come on down and find out about the research that students just like you are conducting.

Register your attendance at If you have any comments, questions or queries direct them to the SHMRC Convenor, AndrĂ©s, at [email protected]