2016 WAMSS positions open for application!

Applications for a number of positions on WAMSS have opened - Foundation Chair, SHMRC Convenor, Website & IT Officer, Electives and Exchanges Officer, and AMSA Junior Representative.

The closing date for all applications is 11.59pm, 11th October. All applications can be sent to [email protected]

Foundation Chair, 2016

Applications for WAMSS Foundation Chair 2016 are now open! This is a great opportunity for someone with a broad understanding and passion for WAMSS to help guide the organisation in strategic management and long-term sustainability - see the application here.

SHMRC Convenor, 2016

Applications for the Students in Health and Medical Research Conference Convenor are now open! This is an excellent opportunity to shape a state-leading student conference that brings pioneering medical research to the WA community. More information is available here.

Website & IT Officer, 2016

Applications for WAMSS Website and IT Officer have opened! This if your opportunity to upscales in an increasingly online world. Through a wordpress website and facebook profile engage students on the activities and happenings of WAMSS. Also enjoy the ability to advocate on issues of technology in medical education. More information is available here.

WAMSS Electives and Exchanges Officer, 2016

Applications for WAMSS Electives and Exchanges Officer have opened! Help place medical students into host families with assistance from the Faculty. Also engage UWA medical students in the experiences of global health through Electives information evening and an Electives photo competition. More information is available here.

AMSA Junior Rep, 2016

Applications for WAMSS Junior AMSA Representative have opened! Are you passionate about student representation and advocacy? Interested in the efforts, goals and workings of AMSA? Then maybe the position of Junior Rep could be for you! Further information about the role and details for application can be found here.

The closing date for all applications is 11.59pm, 11th October. All applications can be sent to [email protected]