Help; I Need Help

If you are experiencing problems, don't let them get to the stage of being impossible to repair. SEEK HELP EARLY! There are several avenues you can go down to find help:

Contact your unit coordinator, the Sub Dean, the Associate Dean (Student Affairs) or the Manager (Student Affairs). There are many ways in which these people can assist you, the most important thing is to ask them for help before the problem becomes unmanageable.

If you are rural, interstate or international student, you can contact the Student Support Coordinator Ms Sue Pougnault.

If it's a smaller issue regarding problems with your course you can contact your Year Reps! They can then pass on your query/problem to WAMSS or the Faculty.

Student counselling is available at Student Services on the UWA main campus. The are very good people to talk to if you need acute or ongoing support and counsel help justifying your application for a deferred exam and/or special consideration. Students get up to six free sessions within a calendar year. Appointments can be made by phone (Tel: 6488 2423) or by visiting the Counselling services building. For more information, see here

Alternatively, two counsellors have been specifically assigned to helping students in the faculty of Medicine. One counsellor attends the QEII Faculty office each week and provide sessions that may be more convenient to clinical years students.

The two main things to remember in regards to your Faculty are:

  2. Special consideration is a safety net; it could potentially save you from failing an entire year or your course. APPLY FOR SPECIAL CONSIDERATION IF YOU THINK YOU NEED IT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM