Help; I’m Sick!

Contrary to popular belief, medical students are humans too, and we get sick sometimes. If this happens to you:

First: go and see your GP. If you don’t have a GP, go and see one of the GPs at the UWA medical centre on the main campus. The UWA GPs will bulk bill and you can usually get an appointment within a couple of days.

If you are missing a day or two from lectures, labs, rotations or assessments due to illness, contact your tutors/clinical teachers and briefly explain the reason for your absence.

If you have missed an assessment or a tutorial/class that requires mandatory attendance, contact your unit coordinator. They will help you resolve any issues arising from your absence.

If you are injured or sick for a longer period of time you may need to apply for Special Consideration for assessments and apply for leave.

For information regarding special consideration; please click here

For information regarding applying for leave; click here