Help; I’m Sick!

Contrary to popular belief, medical students are humans too, and we get sick sometimes. If this happens to you:


First: go and see your GP.

If you don’t have a GP, try:

  • UWA Medical Centre on main campus
    Not only that they are close by, they also do bulk billing. The staff are also familiar with the university system, so they can help you more effectively. You can usually get an appointment within a couple of days. More information and book your appointment online here:
  • Doctors Health Advisory Service (WA) Doctors For Doctors
    This is a list of GPs (and psychiatrists) who have expressed an interest in doctors’ (and medical students’) health:
  • Google ‘GPs near me’, search “GP” in Google Maps - there are many GPs out there who can help you!

Don't forget to ask for a medical certificate just in case your unit coordinator/tutors/clinical teachers would want it.


If you are missing a day or two from lectures, labs, rotations or assessments due to illness, contact your tutors/clinical teachers and briefly explain the reason for your absence.

If you will need to take more than two days off, you may need to apply for Special Consideration for assessments and apply for leave.

For information regarding special consideration; please click here

For information regarding applying for leave; click here