Help; COVID-19

Welcome to the COVID-19 edition of WAMSS' I need help! page. The content here is based on the results of the COVID-19/Mental Health Survey. We hope that you might find something helpful for yourself or for taking care of your friends.

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With thanks to

  • All the students that participated in the COVID-19/Mental Health survey that informs this portal, and to the Medical School for their collaboration in getting up and running
  • The WAMSS Mental Health Subcommittee, who have all been part of putting the content of these pages together
    • MD2: Julian Atlas, Claire Breidahl, Claire Breidahl, Fiona Iwansantoso, Emily Wishart
    • MD3: Cynthia Carvalho
    • MD4: Ollie Dearsley, Lianne Leung
  • Jono, our wonderful Website and IT Officer that got this site up!


Comments? Suggestions? We'd love to hear from you! If there’s anything you want to see, please get in contact with any of the WMH subcommittee or email Lianne at [email protected] We’d prefer email so we get a notification when it comes through, and so we are able to have a chat with you, perhaps get more details if required. However, we also understand that there are times people prefer to be anonymous, so here’s a Google Form.