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COVID-19 Mental Health Survey


As we all know, COVID-19 has been changing our lives in many different ways and affecting our lives in unexpected ways. The aim of the study is to determine how the current COVID-19 situation is impacting on your mental wellbeing and what resources, services and strategies you are using to get through this difficult time, and to determine how we can best support you through this period.

There is a longitudinal aspect to the study.  We will be asking students to complete the survey every four months for the next 12 months.  This is so we can measure the ongoing impact over time and make sure that the Medical School and WAMSS Mental Health are able to use the data to tailor our approach to supporting you, be it in terms of resources, services or events. 

The study team is comprised of Dr Zaza Lyons (Division of Psychiatry); Dr Helen Wilcox (MD Director); Lianne Leung (WAMSS Mental Health Chair) and Ollie Dearsley (WAMSS President).

Full report of first round of data collection released in Helen update 10/05/20
In Section 3, Teaching and Learning concerns were discussed in the report above.
The other themes from comments of 2) Mental Health and Self Care, 3) Social Connectedness and 4) Satisfaction with the medical school response are discussed in the Specific Concerns page.

As the main focus of concerns in the survey were academic-related, we are working with the Education Portfolio (Vice President Internal, your Year Reps, and RCS Representative) and the Medical School to address them.

WAMSS has been running a number of events throughout this time to facilitate ongoing social connectedness while we have all been online.

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