Help: I’m starting clinical! Congratulations! You have gotten through the long, hard slog of pre-clinical and are now ready to apply your learning in the clinical environment!

As with all points of transition, this is a very exciting and also nerve-wracking time for many students.

WAMSS receives the same questions every year from students about to make the transition: what do I do, how do I make the most of my time on clinical, what if xyz happens.
These questions are hard to answer as they are so situation- and individual-dependent. As such, we strongly encourage students to speak with their WAMSS Clinical Buddy or other senior students for their thoughts.

Please find below:

- Some very, very basic information about the clinical environment,

- Where there is less information, it means there are more opinions!

- Some common trouble shooting questions

We have also compiled some tips from past MD2s on how they made their transition to clinical.

Please contact your year reps if you have any further questions you think should be added.
It does not cover student wellbeing topics, which we know are intricately linked with our academic learning. Please explore the rest of the WAMSS I Need Help! pages for more information.

Overall, congratulations again, take things one step at a time, and good luck!

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