The WAMSS Committee is elected by WAMSS members annually, to serve as representatives for the duration of one year. The committee comprises of members in a variety of portfolios which reflect the needs, wants and diversity of UWA medical students.

Contact WAMSS Committee Members

Please visit the WAMSS Committee Structure page to find contact details for WAMSS Committee members. Role descriptions are provided to help you decide which member to contact.

Alternatively, if you are unsure of which committee member to address your enquiry to, please do not hesitate to email our Secretary at [email protected].

Seeking Certificates?

  • If you are seeking a certificate officiating your participation as a student in WAMSS or one of its projects, please email the Secretary. ([email protected])
  • If you are seeking a certificate for attendance at a WAMSS Event, please contact the organiser of that event directly.


Western Australian Medical Students' Society
M501, 35 Stirling Highway
Crawley, Western Australia, 6009, Australia

PositionPersonEmail AddressRole Description
PresidentErin Hassett[email protected]Contact for issues of leadership, advocacy, AMSA, and other.
Vice President InternalStuart Purdie[email protected]Contact for UWA medicine educational issues, and management of WAMSS committee
Vice President ExternalToby Thomas[email protected]Contact for the purpose of sponsorship and promotions.
TreasurerHaseeb Riaz[email protected]Contact for invoicing, receipts, and reimbursements.
SecretaryOlivia Tan[email protected]Contact for general inquiries.
Education Portfolio
Education OfficerKayley Crebbin[email protected]Contact for UWA medical Education issues, and HE numbers.
First Year RepresentativesTBA[email protected]Contact for any first year issue.
Second Year RespresentativesTBA[email protected]Contact for any second year issue.
Third Year ReprestentativesJoanne Marcello & Shaun Liow[email protected]Contact for any third year issue.
Rural Clinical School (RCS) RepresentativeTBA[email protected]Contact for any RCS issue.
Fourth Year RepresentativesKate Mannolini & Thomas Russell[email protected]Contact for any fourth year issue.
International OfficerRussell Lim[email protected]Contact for any international student issue.
Academic Programs
Student Grand Rounds (SGR) CoordinatorsOlivia Shannon & Nicholas Chatman & Dewruwan Gammanpila[email protected]Contact if you have questions about peer tutoring, mentoring or the Teaching on the Run program
Academic Events CoordinatorNick Leedman & Cody Melvin & Paul Stobie[email protected]Contact if you have any questions or ideas for events to supplement the core academic program
SHMRCTBA[email protected]Contact if you have any questions about the WAMSS’ Student Research Conference
Communications Portfolio
Communications Chair[email protected]Contact for all Social Media enquiries as well as coordination of new/information/bulletins to UWA Medical Students
Marketing OfficersJT Yeung & Alexander Lawrie[email protected]Contact for all Merchandise, UWA O-Day and promotional enquiries
Publications Officers[email protected]Contact for all publications issues including any ideas for publication content
Website & IT OfficerJonathan Pang[email protected]Contact for issues and questions regarding the website or any IT matters
Social RepresentativesChloe Gwynne & Tamika Bland & Shanae Jupp[email protected]Contact for anything related to social events on the WAMSS calendar including MedFest and Suits and Scrubs
MD1 Orientation Representatives Ella Forkin & Sarah Mullen[email protected]Contact the organisers of various orientation events for the incoming MD1 students including the Orientation Camp and Welcome BBQ
MD2 Orientation Representatives Aarohanan Raguragavan & Alexander Armanios[email protected]Contact the organisers of various orientation events for the incoming MD2 students
Medical Dinner RepresentativesCaitlyn Taylor & Matthew Mann & Carina Pretorius[email protected]Contact for things related to the organisation and running of the annual WAMSS Medical Dinner
Allied Health RepresentativesChloe Gwynne & Tamika Bland & Shanae Jupp[email protected]Contact for the Allied Health Event
Sports RepresentativesWilliam Morris, Emily Hackett, Jordan Ladwig & Luke Percy[email protected]Contact for all things sport related
AMSA RepresentativeAarohanan Raguragavan[email protected]Contact for issues related to AMSA, and AMSA policies. e.g. National Convention delegations
AMSA Junior Representative[email protected]Same as above
WAMSS Electives and Exchange OfficerRudra Bhatt[email protected]Contact for all electives and exchange-related
business within WAMSS
No Set Portfolio
Interhealth Co-ChairsAlexander Armanios & Aidan Lewins[email protected]Contact for a wide variety of issues relating to Global Health
Red Party CoordinatorsEmily Barrett & Kriti Sharma[email protected]Contact for all matters related to the annual Red Party
Undergraduate Communications Officer (UCO)Akanksha Das[email protected]Contact for information about the WAMSS Associate Membership or for more information if you are an undergraduate student interested in medicine!
Indigenous RepresentativeGeorgia-Rose Gosling[email protected]Contact for matters relating to Indigenous medical students
Mental Health ChairBrritt Suann[email protected]Contact for all things mental health and wellbeing for WAMSS
Queer ChairsUma Nair & Dulasi Amarasingha[email protected]Represents medical students who identify as LGBTIQA+ on the WAMSS Committee and in any issues that arise. As part of this they may organise events, educate and advocate on health issues relevant to people of diverse gender, sex, and sexuality.
Mature ChairsBrendan Selby & Evangelyn (Choon Boon) Sim[email protected]Representatives for medical students who identify as belonging to the mature age community.
Foundation ChairAyeesha Thevar[email protected]Contact for anything related to the Foundation Committee, which coordinate and allocate Foundation projects, and deliver the Foundation report at the
Immediate Past PresidentOllie Dearsley[email protected]