The National Leadership Development Seminar (NLDS) is one of AMSAs premier events and is held in our nation’s capital, Canberra. The 3 day seminar provides delegates with the opportunity to sharpen their leadership skills both within a medical and wider societal context.

A primary focus of the seminar is to provide opportunities for some of Australia’s most promising medical students to engage and interact with a variety of world class leaders. Delegates hear from and question parliamentarians, media personalities, clinical leaders, and NGO representatives. In previous years NLDS has featured presentations from the Chair of the World Medical Association, Deputy Leader of the Opposition, the Minister and Shadow Minister for Health, President of the AMA, Commissioner of the AFP, the Governor-General of Australia and countless other exceptional leaders in health, politics, advocacy, medicine and numerous other fields.

Nevertheless there is also a distinct practical focus to the seminar with a series of workshops designed to arm delegates with hands on skills to improve their Medical Societies, advocacy efforts, and personal leadership endeavors. Combine that with the unique networking opportunities available over the course of a renowned three night social program, this is definitely not a seminar you want to miss.