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Welcome from your 2021 Interhealth Co-Chairs, Alex and Aidan! Interhealth is WAMSS’ Global Health Group (GHG). We are 1 of 20 GHGs that form the national AMSA Global Health Committee, and we are also the biggest!

Our vision is for sustainable, universal and equitable healthcare for all.

Our mission is to promote effective action on global health issues through:

  • engagement
  • education and
  • empowerment of students.

Interhealth plays an important role in fostering globally-minded medical students, by giving them opportunities to explore and become involved in issues and campaigns that interest them. We also help increase the exposure of global health issues amongst the general WAMSS population, as well as the wider community. Interhealth runs several projects every year: including the highly successful annual Cocktail Party held by the Birthing Kits Project, which year after year packs out Niche Bar in Leederville, raising money to purchase supplies which are assembled by students into birthing kits and sent to developing countries to help reduce maternal and infant morbidity and mortality. Along with Birthing Kit Workshops, we also run events for LINCS and IIMC projects, as well as the annual Global Health Short Course (GHSC). These projects help deliver much-needed medical supplies to the developing world, boost the Global Health education of the UWA community and create advocacy opportunities designed to improve health outcomes. 

In addition, we run Teddy Bear Hospital, a community-based project which helps alleviate the anxiety many young children feel towards doctors and helps pre-clinical students to develop their skills with the paediatric population. Lookout, another one of Interhealth’s community-based projects, aims to connect medical students with engaging and rewarding volunteering opportunities. 

In recent years, AMSA has also developed their Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health project, Crossing Borders for Health, and their Climate Change and Health project, Code Green, whose UWA branches are active and thriving.

Interhealth constantly strives to improve and innovate. If you have an idea for a new project, then we want to hear about it at: [email protected]

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