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Pre-Clinical Websites

AnatomyAnatomy TopicsA very comprehensive student created summary of basic medical sciencesGeneral Anatomy
AnatomyDarthmouth Human AnatomyOnline anatomy textbook. Authors have highlighted important information. Images however are annoyingly not displayed inline. Presented by Dartmouth Uni.General Anatomy
AnatomyTeach me anatomyBeautifully presented consise summary. Divided into small chunks with appropriate clinical correlates.General Anatomy
AnatomyInstant AnatomyWell layed out dot point summary of anatomy with excellent pictures. Best for revision.General Anatomy
AnatomyColumbia NeuroanatomyInteractive neuroanatomy atlas. Excellent for learning relative positions in an otherwise complex anatomy.Neuroanatomy
AnatomyUtah AnatomyUseful quizzesGeneral Anatomy
AnatomyCranial NervesExcellent summary of cranial nerves, especially into type of afferent and efferent fibres.Neuroanatomy
AnatomyUWA AnatomyNeuroanatomy teaching, courtesy of Prof AvinashNeuroanatomy
AnatomyColumbia Anatomy of the BrainA good summary. I personally find the stroke models to be quite useful.Neuroanatomy
AnatomyThe Master Muscle ListAlways handy for your musculoskeletal learning.Musculoskeletal
AnatomyList of muscles in humans - WikipediaAlways handy for your musculoskeletal learning.Musculoskeletal
AnatomyVisible Human ProjectThe Project took the bodies of executed prisoners and with their permission created slices of the human body in all dimensions.General Anatomy
AnatomyBartleby Anatomy TextbookA timeless resource which features 1,247 vibrant engravings—many in color—from the classic 1918 publication. General Anatomy
AnatomyInnerBodyCovers all body systems. Each topic has animations, 100’s of anatomy graphics, and thousands of descriptive links. A pretty, but slow to navigate interface. General Anatomy
AnatomyBone SchoolEverything about bones - anatomy, pathology, exmaination, treatment approachesMusculoskeletal
EmbryologyIndiana EmbryologyGreat resource containing handy animations for visualising embryology. Provided by Indiana University.General Embryology
EmbryologySwiss EmbryologyA comprehensive resource for embryology. May be too detailed for our learning. Would highly recommend though. General Embryology
EmbryologyUNSW EmbryologyWell known by Aussie medical students. Contains animations, images, text and links to help you understand how the body develops. General Embryology
HistologyBlue HistologyGood overview of histology. Check out the notes and large images section.General Histology
HistologyMedical HistologyWell organised, comprehensive in details. Would recommend.General Histology
HistologyShotgun HistologyThe infamous Shotgun Histology. Highly recommended video tutorial that walks you through slices.General Histology
PhysiologyCV PhysiologyVery well explained summary of cardiovascular physiology. Highly recommended.Cardiovascular
PhysiologyICU Adelaide - CVGood cardiology summary from Adelaide Hospital ICUCardiovascular
PhysiologyICU Adelaide - RespGood respiratory summary from Adelaide Hospital ICURespiratory
PhysiologyICU Adelaide - EndoGood endocrinology summary from Adelaide Hospital ICUEndocrinology
PhysiologyRenal PhysiologyRenal summary. Very good but is quite text heavy.Renal
BiochemistryAnaesthia MCQThe best resource on Acid Base disorders.Acid Base
MicrobiologyMedical Microbiology 4th edMedical Microbiology - A online textbook covering the principles of microbiology.General microbiology
PathologyPathology StudentA really good summary of pathology that"s easy to understand, and great for clearing up confusing topics. Also has a daily email containing small chunks of patholoy.General pathology
PathologyEnjoy PathCase studies of pathology.General pathology
PathologyPathology Education Instructional Resource
PharmacologyPharmacology 2000Comprehensive online pharmacology textbookGeneral pharamcology
PharmacologyPharmacist Schools ResourcesEducational resources for pharmacy professionalsGeneral
PharmacologyInteractive Clinical PharmacologyInteractive demonstrations of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokineticsGeneral pharamcology
GeneticsLearn GeneticsLearn Genetics provided by the University of Utah delivers educational materials on genetics, bioscience and health topics. General genetics
GeneralKhan AcademyScience (basic and advanced) of the human body including anatomy, physiology, disease processes and treatment. Surprisingly good.
GeneralSketchy MedicineQuick doodles for remembering important medical concepts
GeneralMed ComicsComics that try to add humour to medicine to make it easier to remember.
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