It is a well known fact that those people who most want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it. Luckily for us, the people who make up the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences have no interest in ruling you. They are here to help you.

Faculty Contacts

FHMS Associate Dean (Student Affairs)

If you have personal problems relating to the course or personal issues that are impeding your progress, talk to the Assoc. Dean. You need to see the Assoc. Dean if you:

  • Want permission for short or long term leave.
  • Are returning to the course after a period of absence
  • Are applying for special consideration.

Contact: Professor Roland Kaiser.

Tel: 6488 8500 or Email: [email protected] [Email him is best]

FHMS Manager (Student Experience)

If you are experiencing problems, then the Manager is a good person to contact first. She will most likely be able to assist you with tour problem or put you in contact with the right person. Talk to the Manager if you:

  • Need special consideration or a deferred exam
  • Are applying for leave of absence
  • Want to apply for a student bursary or loan
  • Want to appeal an academic assessmen

Contact: Anita Creasey

Tel: 6488 5084  Email: [email protected]

FHMS Sub-Deans

Sub-Deans are allocated to particular year groups and act as an interface between the students and the faculty. They are the person to talk to if you want:

  • Permission for short term leave (2 days or less)
  • Advice related to the course and/or interim counselling
  • Someone to help you liaise with faculty

Year 1 contact: Assistant Professor Zaza Lyons

Tel: 6457 2218 Email: [email protected]

Year 2 contact: Dr Lucy Gilkes

Tel: 6457 7329  Email: [email protected] 

Year 3 contact: A/Prof Lexie Tregonning

Tel: 6458 1323  Email: [email protected]

Year 4 contact: Dr Andrew Ford

Tel: 9224 4514  Email: [email protected]

University Contacts

University Medical Centre

If you need to see a GP, you can make an appointment to see one at the UWA medical centre. The GPs at UWA offer bulk billing and appointments can usually be made within a couple of days.

Tel 6488 2118

The AMA(WA) has compiled a list of youth friendly GPs; they are doctors who have had special youth friendly medical training and they will often bulk bill. The link to this list is listed below:


Student counselling is available at Student Services on the UWA main campus. They are very good people to talk to if you need:

  • Acute or ongoing support and counsel. The counsellors office at student services are professional counsellors and are trained to assist students studying stressful degrees.
  • Assistance justifying your application for a deferred exam and/or special consideration.

Appointments can be made by phone or by visiting the Counselling services building.

Alternatively, two counsellors have been specifically assigned to helping students in the faculty of Medicine. One counsellor attends the QEII faculty office each week and provide sessions that may be more convenient to clinical year students.

Tel: 6488 2423 Web:

Student Support Coordinator

The Student Support Coordinator, Ms Sue Pougnault, provides mentoring and support for rural, interstate and international entry students.

Tel: 6488 4851 Email: [email protected]


If you have a disability (temporary e.g. injury or permanent) or medical/mental health condition that affects your ability to partake in your studies, the UniAccess service can assist you.


Colleague of First Contact 

(Doctor’s Health Advisory Service in WA) (08) 93 213 098

For Doctors in crisis, or not sure where to go for help with personal or health problems.

This totally confidential 24-hr service is available to all Doctors and Medical Students. It can be contacted by the person themselves, or by a concerned family member, friend, colleague or staff member. Callers do not need to identify themselves. It consists of a group of experienced male and female GPs, and is independent, reporting back to no other medical organisation.

Problems dealt with include stress, depression, suicidal thought, substance abuse, grief or concerns about illness.  Sometimes the contact can be about impaired performance in a colleague.  The Doctors do not usually provide active medical treatment, their main function being to go through the options with callers when they are faced with a dilemma, or to advise the caller on the most appropriate referral services.

UWA Chaplain and Spiritual Services

The University is committed to supporting students and staff with a diversity of cultural, religious and non-religious backgrounds and promotes interfaith conversation and collaboration wherever possible.

Religious denominations provide the Chaplains/Priests/Imam who help to fulfil that commitment. And there are many other supportive and spiritually respectful persons and groups around the University.


UWA Housing and Financial Aid Services

A free and confidential service for students enrolled at the University. Help students who are looking for finance to meet education-related expenses or for emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.