WAMSS represents students in university-based committees on the medical curriculum and student affairs. We have regular formal and informal meetings between Faculty members of all disciplines, as well as the Dean of the Medical School. We have representatives for all year levels to complement formal student representation on school committees, and allow for more in-depth exploration of student concerns and ideas. We also provide support for students based off campus and in rural and remote sites including the Rural Clinical School.

It also represents students to wider stakeholders such as the UWA Student Guild, the Australian Medical Students' Association (AMSA), the Australian Medical Association (WA) (AMA(WA)), and the Postgraduate Medical Council of WA (PMCWA).

WAMSS also contributes significantly to the wider student experience, running social, academic, sport and special interest events. WAMSS is responsible for some of the biggest student events on the UWA campus - think Allied Health, the charity phenomenon Red Party or the Annual Gala Medical Dinner!

Students interested in getting more involved in a particular area of medicine or health are encouraged to join one of our many subcommittees or interest groups, such as WAMSS Mental Health, our global health group Interhealth or Students in Medical and Health Research Conference (SHMRC).

WAMSS is an official organisation that is registered with the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection and as such, WAMSS abides by a Constitution and a set of Register of Resolutions. These documents include definitions on our committee structure, our award process,and the responsibilities of members.

All contributions, suggestions and participation with WAMSS is welcome from the student body - we work for you!

If you're looking to get action on a particular issue, start a new event, or just get involved for the benefit of your student community - we are always interested. Please contact us at [email protected]