Humans of Medicine (WA) is an initiative by WAMSS Mental Health that aims to share doctors’ personal stories about their journey through medicine, with a view to providing medical students with some insights into managing the highs and lows of this thing which Osler called a life course.

This project is sponsored by the Doctors' Health Advisory Service (DHASWA) and Psychiatry Interest Forum (PIF).

DHAS WA who aim to promote, educate and protect the health of doctors and medical students in WA. Their services include a 24/7 telephone advice line for doctors in need of help or wanting to speak with a DHAS WA doctor 08 9321 3098.

PIF gives information for anyone considering a career in psychiatry. Join the RANZCP’s Psychiatry Interest Forum at

Dr Jazmin O’Reilly Hawes – the gift of imperfection and trust

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Dr Dean Choong – Dealing with hardships and developing coping strategies

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Britt Suann – Destigmatising mental health

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