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WAMSS has an extensive alumni network who are making their impact across a diverse fields of endeavours. Our alumni, who have previously held positions within the WAMSS Committee, have moved on to inspiring and excellent contributions to the community. Some are leaders in their field of research. Some are involved in the education of future medical students. WAMSS is proud to have been blessed by them all.

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Contributors: Joseph Murphy, Samantha White, Jun-Ting Yeung
Last edited: 2021-08-14

Professor Fiona Stanley was in charge of organising the WAMSS Medical Dinner in 1967, hailed “the best med ball ever” thanks to projected images of “smut” histological sections, caricatures of professors, and provocative women.

She is currently a Distinguished Research Professor in the School of Paediatrics and Child Health with UWA.

Looking back when she was a medical student, Fiona feels that students had close relationships with the Faculty and professors. There were smaller cohorts so you knew everyone.

Winthrop Professor Fiona Lake was the first WAMSS Women’s Officer at a time where women in medicine and women’s health was a big talking point in the media and politics.

She is currently a consultant in the Department of Respiratory Medicine at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

Tips for Medical Students:
"Take yourself less seriously and focus on the patients; the patient is the most important person, not you."

A/Prof Helen Wilcox was the Secretary in 1997 and the Treasurer in 1998, where she thoroughly enjoyed her time on the WAMSS Executive. She remembers back about the connections in WAMSS forges future social and professional networks that last throughout your career; professional life starts as a student.

She's currently a GP and Program Director of the MD program at UWA.

Helen fondly remembers the Hunt Cup, a foot race from DNA Tower in King’s Park to Med Student Common Room at SCGH. 

Dr Alexius Julian was the Marketing Officer in 2009, where WAMSS introduced shirts, lanyards, and membership packs. In that year, WAMSS increased membership numbers more than any other year. With his leadership in 2010, WAMSS was awarded the 2010 Best Fac Soc Award by UWA Guild.

He is currently the Chief Medical Information Officer for St. John of God Health Care.

Tips for Medical Students:
"Find a happy balance and create enjoyment."

Dr Luigi D’Orsogna was the WAMSS Archivist in 1974, a role that his friend, the then WAMSS President John O’Shae, convinced him to go for so he could be on the committee. It wasn’t a serious role since the description was to maintain records, but the Secretary did that mostly. His unofficial role was the “court jester” of the committee and keep meetings light hearted and fun.

He is currently a visiting consultant cardiologist to PMH and KEMH.

Luigi remembers that typical WAMSS meeting in 1974 started with watching Monty Python, having some beers, then finally briefly discussing any business at hand.

A/Prof Fiona Pixley recalls how WAMSS activities improved the student experience by providing a forum for medical students to interact socially and casually, outside the classroom and hospitals. WAMSS helped build a network and culture that medical students enjoy.

She is currently a physician scientist at UWA with her own Biomedical sciences laboratory.

Fiona considers the social and sporting events WAMSS provides most important to the student body, in terms of wellbeing and culture.

Dr Harjit Kaur recalls how it was a great opportunity to serve and get fellow medical year students of diverse backgrounds involved and to represent the whole year group.

She remembers how fantastic it was to be actively involved with WAMSS and to be a part of that journey towards becoming good doctors.

She currently works as a General Practitioner and as a Senior Doctor in hospitals.

Tips for medical students:
"Enjoy your life and make the most out of it."

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