The WAMSS Committee Structure

WAMSS is made up of an extremely diverse group of students, and has many sub-committees and positions in charge of various initiatives.

Check out our Elections page if you are interested in getting involved with the WAMSS Committee, or reading more about each position role.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the WAMSS Committee here.

👨‍👩 Previous WAMSS Committee

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🏛️ Previous WAMSS Committee Members

☮️ 1957 — 1969

1957President: Mr HH Stewart
Vice-President: MC McCall
Secretary: Edwin W Knight
1958President: Dr BA Hunt
Vice-President: IG Hislop
1959President: Prof DC Sinclair
Vice-President: NL Fitch
1960President: Dr H MacMillan
Vice-President: RA McWilliam
1961President: Dr DD Keall
Vice-President: MC Tiller
1962President: Prof CW Lewis
Vice-President: KB Shilkin
1963President: Dr DJR Snow
Vice-President: RJ Vaughan
1964President: Prof REJ ten Seldam
Vice-President: JR Rigg
1965President: Dr ER Elphick
Vice-President: LH Stagg
1966President: Prof EG Saint
Vice-President: PA King
1967President: Mr A Lamb
Vice-President: BA Creswell

Fourth Year Rep: Fiona Stanley
1968President: Prof WB Macdonald
Vice-President: DA Nelson

Med Dinner Rep: Fiona Stanley
1969President: Prof JD Martin
Vice-President: Miss F J Stanley
💿 1970 — 1979

1970President: Prof WJ Simmonds
Vice-President: PN Hollingworth
1971President: Dr I.S. Wallman
Vice-President: Peter Pullan
Secretary: Chris Anderson
Treasurer: Chris Reynolds

Patron: Dr A.D. Charters
Assistant Secretary and Liaison Officer: Dave Hurley
Assistant Treasurer and Property Officer: Jane Seward

First Year Rep: Chris Currv & CHarlie Laukester
Second Year Rep: Louise Farrel & Geoff Crawford
Third Year Rep: Louis Papelias & Carol McGrath
Fourth Year Rep: Jane Seward & Dave Hillman

Sports Rep: Peer Hales
Reflex Editor and Publicity Officer: Geoff Riley & Vin Keane
Archivist: Geoff Mumme & Oscar Baraneck
1972President: Dr JRH Watson
Vice-President: WM Carroll
1973President: A Prof MG McCall
Vice-President: DM Hurley
1974President: Dr NV Marinovich
Vice-President: Anne M DeBoer
Secretary: Mike Davis
Treasurer: Trevor Lord

Patron: Dr R.B. Lefroy
Chairman: Dr N. Marinovich
Property Officer: John Abbott

First Year Rep: John O'Shea
Second Year Rep: Steven Weston
Third Year Rep: Elizabeth Jeffery
Fourth Year Rep: John Stokes
AMSA Rep: Chris Clay

Social Rep: Rob O'Shea
Sports Rep (M): Jamie Hendrie
Social Action Rep: Geoff Byrne
Publications Rep: Aunty Jack
Travel/Photocopier: Peter Winterton
Archivist: Luigi D'Orsonga
1975President: Prof DH Curnow
Vice-President: JP O'Shea
1976President: Prof GA German
Vice-President: T Nolan
1977President: Dr AK Cohen
Vice-President: GJ Duck
1978President: Dr HA Copeman
Vice-President: C Vinciullo

Women's Officer: Fiona Lake
1979President: Prof K Somers
Vice-President: B Power
📺 1980 — 1989

1980President: Prof N Stanley
Vice-President: RE KirkmanChar
1981President: J Silberstein
Chairman: Prof LJ Beilin
1982President: A Lill
Chairman: Prof H Sheiner
1983President: A Vickery
Chairman: Prof R Taylor
1984President: S Lewis
Chairman: Mr Kingsley Faulkner
1985President: M Little
Chairman: Mr Kingsley Faulkner
1986President: R Lewis
Chairman: Prof LI Landau
1987President: R Main
Chairman: Dr B Beveridge
1988President: Ms M Barbour
Chairman: Dr D Hurley
1989President: NJ Dale
Chairman: A Prof R Vandongen
🎮 1990 — 1999

1990President: OS D'Souza
Chairman: Dr BWS Robinson
1991President: JM Savundra
Chairman: A Prof BWS Robinson
1992President: K Templeman
Chairman: Dr C Golledge
1993President: J Rippey
Chairman: Dr C Golledge
1994President: A Williams
Chairman: Dr C Greenfield
1995President: M Coates
Chairman: A Prof G Riley
1996President: Cruz
Chairman: A Prof G Riley

Social Rep: Lucy Rosman

WAMSS Person of the Year: Richard Ellery
1997President: Miss T Rogerson
Secretary: Helen Wilcox
Chairman: Dr J Straton

WAMSS Person of the Year: Omar Khorshid
1998President: Chris Duffy
Treasurer: Helen Wilcox
Chairman: A Prof J Straton

WAMSS Person of the Year: Helen Wilcox
1999President: Kirstie Morandell
Vice-President: Michael Thompson
Secretary: Ajintha Pathmanathan
Treasurer: Lynette Periera
Chairman: A Prof J Straton
Faculty Rep: Samya Lakis

First Year Rep: Joel Carson & Nicole Hall
Second Year Rep: Kevin Hartley & Edna Tse
Third Year Rep: Sarah Altheer & Andy Finlayson
Fourth Year Rep: Gjulia Kitchin & E. J. Marsden
AMSA Rep: Luke Streitberg
Vampire Cup Rep: Russel Bensky

Social Rep: Matt Atkins & Mike Baker & Gary Coanis
Med Dinner Rep: Andrea Ang & Glynn Hughes
Sports Rep: Pete Santa Maria
Publications Rep: Pete Counsel & Andy Finlayson
Public Affairs: Mike Dickinson
Bookshop Rep: Adam Gardiner
Lookout Rep: Sue Mills & Mike O'Sullivan

WAMSS Person of the Year: Samya Lakis & Peter Santa-Maria
2000 — 2009

2000President: Peter L Santa Maria
Vice-President: Marty Blum
Secretary: Sarah Altheer
Treasurer: Andrea Ang
Chairman: Dr F Lake
Faculty Rep: Paul Bumbank

AMSA Rep: Mike Dickinson
Social Rep: Dan Harris & Andy Finlayson & Pete Counsel
Med Dinner Rep: "Dirty Dweens" Allan & Dave Thomson & Ajintha Pathmanathan
Sports Rep: Pistol Allesandro & Dror Maor & Sasha Camac & Felicity Hawkin
Publications Rep: Clinton Gibbs & Victor Wycoco
Public Affairs: Nick Coatsworth
Lookout Rep: Duncan Purtill & Paul Wallman

WAMSS Person of the Year: Victor Mycoco & Andrew Finlayson
2001President: Miss A AngWAMSS Person of the Year: Glynn Hughes
2002President: MD O'SullivanWAMSS Person of the Year: Scott Douglas
2003President: Joel CarsonWAMSS Person of the Year: Sarah Davies
2004President: P D SinghFacutly Rep: Tim ClayWAMSS Person of the Year: Tomothy Clay
2005President: Michael Winlo
Vice-President: Neil Wareing
Secretary: Shidan Tosif
Treasurer: Murali Kesavan
Faculty Rep: Carlo Bellini
Second Year Rep: Natalie O'Halloran & Sam Fitzpatrick
Third Year Rep: Harjit Kaur
Fourth Year Rep: Emma Dudman & Carsten Broeze

AMSA Rep: Claire Harma
Social Rep: Owen McWilliam & James Marangou & Tegan Martyn
Med Dinner Rep: Louise O'Halloran & Sam Brophy-Williams & John Zorbas
Allied Health Rep: Melita Cirillo & Hayley Robinson
Sports Rep: Daram Singh & Jean-Louis Papineau & Jes Kierath & Lauren Host
Publications Rep: Justin Nazareth & Crhistof & Sam Lieblich
Website & IT Offcier: David Adam
Public Affairs: Joshua Vogel
Bookshop Rep: Wayne Reynolds
Common Room Officer: Kate Reynolds
Lookout Rep: Sally Banfield & Denitza Mironova

WAMSS Person of the Year: Joshua Vogel
2006President: John Zorbas
Vice-President: Timothy Ford
Secretary: Emma Dudman
Treasurer: Jeremy Hill
Education Officer: Sally Banfield
First Year Rep: Benjamin Host & Michelle McMullen
Second Year Rep: Vinith Menezes & Genevieve Hankey
Third Year Rep: Owen McWilliam & Jes Kierath
Fourth Year Rep: Terry Hung & Sonakshi Sharma
International Officer: Taro Okamoto

AMSA Rep: David Chenik
Junior AMSA Rep: Emma Harcourt
SGR Coordinator: Ben Dessauvagie
Social Rep: Victoria Dolan & Sarah O'Neill & Liam O'Doherty
Orientation Rep: Jes Kierath & Lauren Host
Med Dinner Rep: Louise Nardone & Leanna Perret & Austen Shenn
Allied Health Rep: Danit Maor & Priya Mahendran
Sports Rep: Matthew Anick & Robert Henderson & Tessa Garside & Shannon King
Wellbeing Rep: James Marangou
Interhealth Chair: Sook-Ting Lee
Common Room Officer: Sam Brophy

WAMSS Person of the Year: James Anderson & Jeremy Hill
2007President: Joshua Vogel
Vice-President: Jim Whittle
Secretary: Carsten Broeze
Treasurer: Christof Slawomirski
Education Officer: Thanh Ha
First Year Rep: David Cosford & Katharine Noonan
Second Year Rep: Stephanie Lam & Matthew Trinder
Third Year Rep: Danit Maor & Robert Marshall
Fourth Year Rep: Reva Manickavasagar & James Marangou
International Officer: Jen Martins

AMSA Rep: Emma Harcourt
Junior AMSA Rep: Andrew Webster
SGR Coordinator: Kelvin Balakrishnan & Patrick Wong
SHMRC Convenor: Joshua Vogel
Social Rep: Benjamin Host & Chad Drummond & Sarah Colin
Orientation Rep: Murali Kesavan & James Anderson
Med Dinner Rep: Jes Kierath & Sarah O'Neill & Jen Watts
Allied Health Rep: Claire Meyerkort & Victoria Dolan
Sports Rep: Chanakya Sharma & Prashan Abeywardena & Victoria O'Donoghue & Emily Harding
Wellbeing Rep: Ben Allanson
Publications Rep: Aleksia Barron & Kyle Hoath & Timothy Humphries
Website & IT Offcier: David Adam
Marketing Officer: Jamie Kuzich
Public Affairs: Owen McWilliam
Common Room Officer: Kate Reynolds
Lookout Rep: Suze Bruins & Amy Powles
Interhealth Chair: Sook-Ting Lee
Red Party Coordinator: Irene Dolan
Foundation Chair: John Zorbas
Common Room Officer: David Cosford

WAMSS Person of the Year: John Zorbas & Emma Allanson
2008President: Austen Shenn
Vice-President: Vinith Menezes
Secretary: Julia Rhodes
Treasurer: Tim Humphries
Education Officer: Tim Ford
First Year Rep: Malcolm Franke & Bonnie Carroll
Second Year Rep: Shanek Wickramasinge & Stephanie Samuelraj
Third Year Rep: Xiang Salim & Kaitlin McGinnis
Fourth Year Rep: Alexius Julian & Maryanne Foley
RCS Rep: Chris Heyes
International Officer: Charlene Munasinghe

AMSA Rep: Andrew Webster
Junior AMSA Rep: Claire Meyerkort
SGR Coordinator: Abdul Ihaydid & John Zorbas & Owen McWilliam
Social Rep: Katharine Noonan & Joos Meyer & Tom Christiner
Orientation Rep: Falk Reinholz & Rob Henderson
Med Dinner Rep: Grace Ho & Liz Nguyen & Lisa Alarcon
Allied Health Rep: Stephanie Lam & Michelle McMullen
Sports Rep: Ian Olszewski & Daniel Hickey & Vaanitha Manickavasagar & Bernadette Williams
Wellbeing Rep: Carsten Broeze
Publications Rep: Daniel Haustead & Zac Fergie & James Murtagh
Website & IT Offcier: James Anderson
Marketing Officer: Gen Hankey
Interhealth Chair: Irene Dolan & Tim Lin
Lookout Rep: Benjamin Host & Chance Drummond
Red Party Coordinator: Michelle McMullen & Stephanie Lam
Foundation Chair: John Zorbas
Common Room Officer: David Cosford

WAMSS Person of the Year: Genevieve Hankey
2009President: Owen McWilliam
Vice-President Internal: Sally A Banfield
Vice-President External: Lauren V Host
Secretary: Steph Lam
Treasurer: Michelle McMullen
Education Officer: John Zorbas
First Year Rep: Julius Edwards & Georgia Walker
Second Year Rep: Dane Brookes & Claudia von Peltz
Third Year Rep: Karim Johnson & Lakshmi Manoharan
Fourth Year Rep: Dave Foley & Kitty Shakur
International Officer: Nishant Davidoss

AMSA Rep: Claire Meyerkort
Junior AMSA Rep: Rob Marshall
SGR Coordinator: Phoebe Brownell & Joanne Mok
Academic Events Coordinator: Lisa Alarcon
Social Rep: Sebastian Leathersich & Jo Scaffidi & Erin Stanes
Orientation Rep: Chance Drummond & Tom Christiner
Med Dinner Rep: Charlene Munasinghe & Kaitlin McGinnis & Laura Wisniewski
Allied Health Rep: Joos Meyer & Stephanie Samuelraj
Sports Rep: James Preuss & Trent Little & Shanki Wijay & Rose Mark
Wellbeing Rep: Bernadette Williams
Indigenous Rep: Gem Yardley
Publications Rep: Malcolm Franke & James Murtagh & Laura Buters
Website & IT Offcier: Andrew Swarbrick
Marketing Officer: Alexius Julian & Gem Yardley
Interhealth Chair: Nick Watts & Tanya Suthers
Red Party Coordinator: Jamie Kuzich
Foundation Chair: John Zorbas

WAMSS Person of the Year: Tanya Suthers & Nick Watts
📱 2010 2019

President: Alexius Julian
Vice-President Internal: Claire Meyerkort
Vice-President External: Trent Little
Secretary: Kaddy Noonan
Treasurer: Andrew Swarbrick
Education Officer: Kyle Hoath
First Year Rep: Richard O'Halloran & Rebecca McCracken
Second Year Rep: Brendan Kirwin & Brodie Stewart
Third Year Rep: Sebastian Leathersich & Lauren Giudicatti
Fourth Year Rep: David Cosford & Romarna Dichiera
RCS Rep: Prateik Shilkar
International Officer: Nishant Davidoss
AMSA Rep: Rob Marshall
Junior AMSA Rep: Kaitlin McGinnis
SGR Coordinator: Ben Silbert
Academic Events Coordinator: Adrian Buzynski
SHMRC Convenor: Tabitha Mok

Social Rep: Chris Lim & Molly Gillfillan & Paige Bavich
Orientation Rep: Sebastian Leathersich & Michelle McMullen
Med Dinner Rep: Lakshmi Manoharan & Katherine Pollaers & Stephanie Samuelraj
Allied Health Rep: Rose Mark & Shanki Wijay
Sports Rep: Andres Noe & Simon Joseph & Emily Jasper & Catherine Ashton
Wellbeing Rep: Izaak Lim

Environmental Officer: Dane Brookes
Indigenous Rep: Daniel Hunt & Daniela
Publications Rep: Owen McWilliam & Bonnie Carroll & Catherine Honey
Website & IT Officer: Siaavash Maghami
Marketing Officer: Ian Olszewski & Claudia von Peltz
Interhealth Chair: Emi Fitzgerald & Michelle McMullen
Red Party Coordinator: Nick Watts
Foundation Chair: Vinith Menezes
WAMSS Person of the Year: Maureen Krasnoff
President: David Cosford
Vice-President Internal: Claudia von Peltz
Vice-President External: Rob Henderson
Secretary: Laura Buters
Treasurer: Tim Greer
Education Officer: Matt Trinder
First Year Rep: Brad McKernan & Melanie Still
Second Year Rep: Ry Martin & Tameka Ellard
Third Year Rep: Zak Snelson & Molly Gilfillan
Fourth Year Rep: John Rocke & Emily Hepple
RCS Rep: Vanessa Verissimo
International Officer: Malcolm Kee Yeng Teo
AMSA Rep: Kaitlin McGinnis
Junior AMSA Rep: David Cosford
SGR Coordinator: Rob Henderson & Steph Lam
Academic Events Coordinator: Geoffrey Chan
SHMRC Convenor: Matthew Josiah
Social Rep: Emily Frost & Oscar Morlet & Georgina Carr
Orientation Rep: Malcolm Franke & Kelvin Chan
Med Dinner Rep: Kitty Shakur & Radhika Ellies & Erika Remedios
Allied Health Rep: Maureen Krasnoff & Georgia Walker
Sports Rep: Mike Kirk & David Robertson & Phoebe Thornton & Malindi Haggett
Wellbeing Rep: Matt Yap
WAMSS Mental Health Co-Chair: Izaak Lim
Environmental Officer: Katherine O'Shea
Publications Rep: Stephen Paull & Ben Rossiter & Matthew Leach
Website & IT Officer: Dave Foley
Marketing Officer: Lauren Giudicatti & Emily Jasper
Interhealth Chair: Erica Parker & Justin Winters
Red Party Coordinator: Sarah Collin
Foundation Chair: Vinith Menezes
Global Health Short Course: Samuel Ognenis
WAMSS Person of the Year: Matthew Trinder
President: Ben Host
Vice-President Internal: Kaddy Noonan
Vice-President External: Vic O'Donoghue
Secretary: Andrés Noé
Treasurer: Tom Bartlett
Education Officer: Claudia von Peltz
First Year Rep: N/A
Second Year Rep: Louis Connell & Raena Kaur
Third Year Rep: Arjun Kaushik & Georgina Carr
Fourth Year Rep: Jonathan Lam & Connie Smith
RCS Rep: Lee Fairhead
International Officer: Chris Toh
AMSA Rep: Yoey Swarbrick
Junior AMSA Rep: Lee Fairhead
SGR Coordinator: Daniel Chang & Xiao Liang
Academic Events Coordinator: Emily Harding & Alicia Cullingford
Social Rep: Danielle Malatzky & Wynand Breytenbach & Sophie Wiegele
Orientation Rep: David Cosford & Melanie Still
Med Dinner Rep: Bonita Duan & Xiao Liang & Aarti Malhotra
Allied Health Rep: Ry Martin & Malindi Haggett
Sports Rep: Will Crohan & James Abbott & Angela Xu & Jess Osan
Wellbeing Rep: Molly Gilfillan & Emily Jasper
WAMSS Mental Health Co-Chair: Averil Tam & Daniel Lee
Environmental Officer: Zak Snelson
Publications Rep: Sam Leedman & Breffney O'Shea & Joel Krause
Website & IT Officer: Sandip Muhopadhyay
Marketing Officer: Andrew Swarbrick & Emily Frost
Undergraduate Communications Officer: Oscar Morlet
Interhealth Chair: Reb McCracken & Sam Ognenis
Red Party Coordinator: Emily Harding
Foundation Chair: Sebastian Leathersich
WAMSS Person of the Year: Andrew Swarbrick
President: Lee Fairhead
Vice-President Internal: Georgia Walker
Vice-President External: Elliot Lyon
Secretary: Melanie Still
Treasurer: Tom Bartlett
Education Officer: Sandip Mukhopadhyay
First Year Rep: N/A
Second Year Rep: N/A
Third Year Rep: Sam Carbone & Emily Webb-Smith
Fourth Year Rep: Malcolm Teo Keng Yee & Sophie Doherty
RCS Rep: Alarna Boothroyd
International Officer: Yan Yan Tijoe
AMSA Rep: Justin Winters
Junior AMSA Rep: Richard O'Halloran
SGR Coordinator: Gloria Lau & James Wong & Gary Loh
Academic Events Coordinator: Danielle Lam & Johnathan Lam
Social Rep: Andrisha Inderjeeth & Jennifer Alderson & Amali Samarasinghe
Orientation Rep: Oscar Morlet & Georgina Carr
Med Dinner Rep: Angel Dong & Sinéad Taylor & Lauren Giudicatti
Allied Health Rep: David Robertson & Sam Leedman
Sports Rep: Cameron Payne & Heather Jones & Jayna-Lee Garratt
Wellbeing Rep: Rachel Ozanne & Arusha Miocevich
WAMSS Mental Health Co-Chair: Jia Min Ho & Emily Webb-Smith
Environmental Officer: Erin O'Donnell Taylor
Publications Rep: Vibhushan Manchanda & Julian Chung & William Crohan
Website & IT Officer: Kiran Narula
Marketing Officer: Bijit Munshi & Louis Connell
Undergraduate Communications Officer: Rebecca Long
Interhealth Chair: Katherine O'Shea & Laura Buters
Red Party Coordinator: Arjun Kaushik
Foundation Chair: N/A
WAMSS Person of the Year: Kiran Narula
President: Sebastian Leathersich
Vice-President Internal: Melanie Still
Vice-President External: Malcolm Franke
Secretary: Sarah Cole
Treasurer: Sam Carbone
Education Officer: Kiran Narula
First Year Rep: Vishaal Rathod & Melissa Simonds
Second Year Rep: N/A
Third Year Rep: N/A
Fourth Year Rep: William Crohan & Ditza Teng
RCS Rep: Belinda Guelfi
International Officer: Yi Th'ng Seow
AMSA Rep: Daniel Dorevitch
Junior AMSA Rep: Matthew Palladino
SGR Coordinator: Danielle Lam & Zakary Snelson
Academic Events Coordinator: Anthony Rengel & Sandip Mukhopadhyay
SHMRC Convenor: Sushma Vytla
Social Rep: Danika Jurat & Lena Baars & Michael Sharpless
Orientation Rep: James Abbott & Reece Jefferies
Med Dinner Rep: Zoe Krisnadi & Nicola Bailey & Deepthy Koshy
Allied Health Rep: Malcolm Teo & Georgina Carr
Sports Rep: Julian Chung & Daniel Ross & Lauren Sharp & Danielle Everett
Wellbeing Rep: Emily Webb-Smith & Samuel Ognenis
WAMSS Mental Health Co-Chair: Rohita Reji & Gowri Manoharan
Indigenous Rep: Gemma Johnston & Vinka Cummins-Barunga
Publications Rep: Sharnice Koek & Josh Lumby & Alex Hall
Website & IT Officer: Mark Watson
Marketing Officer: Emily Alfonsi & Jack Perkins
Undergraduate Communications Officer: Raena Kaur
Interhealth Chair: Jayna-Lee Garratt & Merredith Cully
Red Party Coordinator: Vibhushan Manchanda
Foundation Chair: N/A
WAMSS Person of the Year: Melanie Still
President: Kiran Narula
Vice-President Internal: Sophie Doherty
Vice-President External: Vibhushan Manchanda
Secretary: Georgina Carr
Treasurer: Malcolm Teo
Education Officer: Emily Alfonsi
First Year Rep: Tom Jewell & Madison Pierre
Second Year Rep: Guy Armstrong & Samantha White
Third Year Rep: N/A
Fourth Year Rep: N/A
RCS Rep: Melanie Still
International Officer: Rebekah Tan
AMSA Rep: Catherine Honey
Junior AMSA Rep: Cameron Payne
WAMSS Elective and Exchange Officer: Ellen McGuckin
SGR Coordinator: Ranesh Palan & Emily Stern
Academic Events Coordinator: Alwin Lian & Rachel Ozanne
SHMRC Convenor: Andres Noe
Social Rep: Emily Frost & Daniel Ross & Catherine Jolghazi
Orientation Rep: Chris Hall & Kuroush Ardeshirian
Med Dinner Rep: Tom Bartlett & Chance Drummond & Verity Moynihan
Allied Health Rep: Alexander Shivarev & Zoe Krisnadi
Sports Rep: Oliver Righton & Alex Hansen & Connie Smith & Danielle Malatzky
Wellbeing Rep: Wong Hong Liang
Environmental Officer: Clarissa Soh
WAMSS Mental Health Co-Chair: Maureen Krasnoff & Molly Gilfillan
Indigenous Rep: Monique Juhe & Vinka Cummins-Barunga
Publications Rep: Madhu Dravic & Kate Wilson & Raymond Chester-Wallis
Website & IT Officer: Julian Chung
Marketing Officer: Rebecca Civil & Vishaal Rathod
Undergraduate Communications Officer: Sarah Cole
Interhealth Chair: Rhiannon Hicks & Sarah Picard
Red Party Coordinator: Sophie Wiegele
Foundation Chair: Daniel Dorevitch
WAMSS Person of the Year: Sophie Doherty
President: Daniel Dorevitch
Vice-President Internal: Emily Alfonsi
Vice-President External: Julian Chung
Secretary: Rhiannon Hicks
Treasurer: Alexander Shivarev
Education Officer: Richard O'Halloran
First Year Rep: Dhanushke Fernando & Emma McCormack
Second Year Rep: Adarsh Das & Karen Bromley
Third Year Rep: Alex Hansen & Kate Wilson
Fourth Year Rep: N/A
RCS Rep: Cheryl Da Costa
International Officer: Jeremy Lek
AMSA Rep: Merredith Cully
Junior AMSA Rep: Tihana Milic
WAMSS Elective and Exchange Officer: Vivien Hsu
SGR Coordinator: Andew Tompkins & Victor Yau & Chris Lim
Academic Events Coordinator: Lian Tan & Andrew Yip
SHMRC Convenor: Nick Heberlein
Social Rep: Joshua Wills & Kris Capper & Elyse Philips
Orientation Rep: Elizabeth Carr & Thomas Ikonomidis
Med Dinner Rep: Daniel Ross & Danielle Malatzky & Tristan Trinidad
Allied Health Rep: Katherine Ong & Letitia Borcoski & Vivien Hsu
Sports Rep: Gary Zhang & Tim Hardy & Sophie Moustaka & Margriet Breytenbach
Environmental Officer: Madeline Gardner & Mia MacMillan
WAMSS Mental Health Co-Chair: Melissa Simmonds & Erin Bock
Indigenous Rep: Tamisha King & Heather Kessaris
Publications Rep: Sophia Connor & Bojana Surla & Brian Wong
Website & IT Officer: Ben Palladino
Marketing Officer: Tanya Ashoorian & Clarissa Soh
Undergraduate Communications Officer: Jane Bromley
Interhealth Chair: Jasmin Sekhon & Rama Chidambaram
Red Party Coordinator: Vibhushan Manchanda & Shannon Marantelli
Foundation Chair: Sam Carbone
WAMSS Person of the Year: Daniel Dorevitch
President: Rhiannon Hicks
Vice-President Internal: Samantha White
Vice-President External: Brian Wong
Secretary: Marissa Loh
Treasurer: Dhanushke Fernando
Education Officer: Shannon Marantelli
First Year Rep: Saish Neppalli & Lianne Leung
Second Year Rep: James Little & Mudra Shah
Third Year Rep: Thomas Ikonomidis & Ruby Kirupananther
Fourth Year Rep: Alexander Shivarev & Stephanie Collins
RCS Rep: Elise Regan-Gomm
International Officer: Ellen Huang
AMSA Rep: Emma McCormack
Junior AMSA Rep: Jessie Channell
WAMSS Elective and Exchange Officer: Jillien Loh
SGR Coordinator: Richard Goodheart & Melissa Simmonds & Kris Capper
Academic Events Coordinator: Davaadorj Erdenebayar & Emily Tan
SHMRC Convenor: Yael Friedland
Social Rep: Rebecca Civil & Gavin Huangfu & Jessica Perring
Orientation Rep: Ella Giudice & Siyang Zhang
Med Dinner Rep: Vivien Hsu & Letitia Borcoski & Claudia Leslie
Allied Health Rep: Nikitha Boyapati
Sports Rep: Benjamin Edland & Sarah Pearce & Renita Whittle & Jordan Korol
Environmental Officer: Alison Wills & Marney Bon
WAMSS Mental Health Co-Chair: Lipi Chakravorty & Saumya Rajgopal
Indigenous Rep: Naomi Lloyd & Emma-Jane Hunt
Publications Rep: Myuri Gangaram & Frances Rubzen & Tahlia Leggett
Website & IT Officer: Ben Palladino
Marketing Officer: Jolyn Ng & Tiffany Too
Undergraduate Communications Officer: Charlie Lefroy
Interhealth Chair: Jessica Piggott & Gary Lau
Red Party Coordinator: Myuri Gangaram & Emma McCormack
Foundation Chair: Harry D'Souza
WAMSS Person of the Year: Samantha White
President: Rama Chidambaram
Vice-President Internal: Marissa Loh
Vice-President External: Jack Dewsbury
Secretary: Lianne Leung
Treasurer: Benjamin Palladino
Education Officer: Karen Bromley
First Year Rep: Bernard Hanekom & Erin Hassett
Second Year Rep: Charlie Viska & Milly Bakker
Third Year Rep: Benjamin Edland & Nikitha Boyapati
Fourth Year Rep: Chris Horton & Tess Vermeulen
RCS Rep: Jessica Piggot
International Officer: Jonathan Tan
AMSA Rep: Gerardo Arwi
Junior AMSA Rep: Hannah Matthews
WAMSS Elective and Exchange Officer: Jonathan La
SGR Coordinator: Richard Goodheart & Tim Hardy & Gary Zhang
Academic Events Coordinator: Massimo Berneri & Gary Lau
SHMRC Convenor: Caleb Kim
Social Rep: Oliver Dearsley & Saish Neppalli & Siyang Zhang
Orientation Rep: Gavin Huangfu & Charlie Lefroy
Med Dinner Rep: Alex Hansen & Elyse Phillips & Oliver Righton
Allied Health Rep: Aksh Handa & Jamie Tamm
Sports Rep: Chloe Kirk & Davide Tomassoni & Rikki Thorne & Josh Taylor
Environmental Officer: Jacinta Fong & Demi Vlachos
WAMSS Mental Health Co-Chair: Shalika Arniotis-Streat & Thalia Robey
Indigenous Rep: Meghan Gledhill & Phoebe Strickland
Publications Rep: Tommy Ikonomidis & Stephen Meek & Jess Perring
Website & IT Officer: Tristan Dale
Marketing Officer: Ella Giudice & Brian Wong
Undergraduate Communications Officer: Hamish Newman
Interhealth Chair: Emma Lu & James Nguyen
Red Party Coordinator: Roberta Dumbrava & Katie Elliott
Foundation Chair: Harry D'Souza
WAMSS Person of the Year: Marissa Loh & Erin Hassett
President: Harry D'Souza
Vice-President Internal: Lianne Leung
Vice-President External: Emma Lu
Secretary: Oliver Dearsley
Treasurer: Siyang Zhang
Education Officer: Timothy Smith
First Year Rep: Stuart Purdie & Britt Suann
Second Year Rep: Mark Hoey & Grace Wilkerson
Third Year Rep: Brieana Nolan & Davide Tomassoni
Fourth Year Rep: Marissa Loh & Darren Cha
RCS Rep: Lauren Masi
International Officer: Audrey Kim
AMSA Rep: Toby Mathew
Junior AMSA Rep: Erin Hassett
WAMSS Elective and Exchange Officer: Aksh Handa
SGR Coordinator: Gary Lau & Massimo Berneri & Nick Leedman
Academic Events Coordinator: Salar Sobhi & Gerardo Arwi
SHMRC Convenor: Saish Neppalli & Tristan Dale
Social Rep: Tithi Kulkarni & Caitlyn Taylor & Vikas Bhat
Orientation Rep: Cody Melvin & Nathaniel Owen (MD1), Hannah Matthews & James Nguyen (MD2)
Med Dinner Rep: Nikitha Boyapati & Jess Perring & Gavin Huangfu
Allied Health Rep: Angela Burvill & Nathan Eckhardt
Sports Rep: John Peacey & Paul Stobie & Catherine Fowler & Olivia Italiano
Environmental Officer: Uma Nair
WAMSS Mental Health Co-Chair: Conor Mackay & Elise Salleo
Indigenous Rep: Kirsty Mclean
Communications Chair: Ella Giudice
Publications Rep: Andra Sincari & Andrei Sincari
Website & IT Officer: Olivia Shannon
Marketing Officer: Claudia Sampson & Tammy McKeith
Undergraduate Communications Officer: Rachel Moody
Interhealth Chair: Kate Mannolini & Jana Crous
Red Party Coordinator: Ben Chia & Davina Daudu
Foundation Chair: Mudra Shah
WAMSS Person of the Year: Lianne Leung
😷 2020s

President: Oliver Dearsley
Vice-President Internal: Lauren Masi
Vice-President External: Saish Nepalli
Secretary: Britt Suann
Treasurer: Stuart Purdie
Education Officer: Lauren Masi
First Year Rep: JT Yeung & Shanae Jupp
Second Year Rep: Jasper Brooksbank & Kate Dowden
Third Year Rep: Jasmine Begovich & Dewruwan Gammanpila
Fourth Year Rep: Francis Winfield & Katherine Middleton
RCS Rep: Jasmine Begovic
International Officer: Sherwin Xie
AMSA Rep: Ayeesha Thevar
Junior AMSA Rep: Kriti Sharma
WAMSS Elective and Exchange Officer: Rudra Bhatt
SGR Coordinator: Hannah Matthews & Alexandra Mehl & James Nguyen
Academic Events Coordinator: Tithi Kulkarni & Ayeesha Thevar
SHMRC Convenor: Tristan Lee & Kayley Crebbin
Social Rep: Matt Cransberg & Kierra O'Grady & Emily Wishart
Orientation Rep: Sarah King & Hayden White (MD1), Tatiana Ninkov & Thomas Russell (MD2)
Med Dinner Rep: Izzy Atlas & Emma Lu & James Nguyen
Allied Health Rep: Alex Armanios & Ci Chia
Sports Rep: William Morris & Luke Percy & Emily Hackett & Jordan Ladwig
Environmental Officer: Milly Bakker & Jen Barton
WAMSS Mental Health Chair: Lianne Leung
Indigenous Rep: Tamika Ponton
Queer Chair: Anthony Copeland & Thomas Drake-Brockman
Communications Chair: Vikas Bhat & Jana Crous
Publications Rep: Andrei Sincari & Emily Anderson & Nishani Jayawardena
Website & IT Officer: Jonathan Pang
Marketing Officer: Brie Nolan & Davide Tomassoni
Undergraduate Communications Officer: Olivia Tan
Interhealth Chair: Dinnu Devarapalli & Amy Collins
Red Party Coordinator: Angela Burvill & Hayden White
Foundation Chair: Erin Hassett
WAMSS Person of the Year: Oliver Dearsley
President: Erin Hassett
Vice-President Internal: Stuart Purdie
Vice-President External: Toby Thomas
Secretary: Olivia Tan
Treasurer: Haseeb Riaz
Education Officer: Kayley Crebbin
First Year Rep: Kaleigh Spithoven & Narendra Gammanpilla
Second Year Rep: Ella Forkin & Jason D'Silva
Third Year Rep: Joanne Marcello & Shaun Liow
Fourth Year Rep: Kate Mannolini & Thomas Russell
RCS Rep: Thomas Filmer
International Officer: Russell Lim
AMSA Rep: Aarohanan Raguragavan
WAMSS Elective and Exchange Officer: Rudra Bhatt
SGR Coordinator: Olivia Shannon & Nicholas Chatman & Dewruwan Gammanpila
Academic Events Coordinator: Nick Leedman & Cody Melvin & Paul Stobie
SHMRC Convenor: Mathew Pugliese
Social Rep: Shanae Jupp & Chloe Gwynne & Tamika Bland
Orientation Rep: Ella Forkin & Sarah Mullen (MD1), Aarohanan Raguragavan & Alexander Armanios (MD2)
Med Dinner Rep: Caitlyn Taylor & Matthew Mann & Carina Pretorius
Allied Health Rep: Shanae Jupp & Chloe Gwynne & Tamika Bland
Sports Rep: Remy Spring & Rhys Landwehr & Layaal Mikhael & Helen Abbott
Environmental Officer: Lalitya Chilaka & Sanchita Gera
WAMSS Mental Health Chair: Britt Suann
Indigenous Rep: Georgia-Rose Gosling
Queer Chair: Uma Nair & Dulasi Amarasingha
Mature Chair: Brendan Selby & Evangelyn (Choon Boon) Sim
Website & IT Officer: Jonathan Pang
Marketing Officer: JT Yeung & Alexander Lawrie
Undergraduate Communications Officer: Akanksha Das
Interhealth Chair: Alexander Armanios & Aiden Lewins
Red Party Coordinator: Emily Barrett & Kriti Sharma
Foundation Chair: Ayeesha Thevar
WAMSS Person of the Year: Stuart Purdie
President: Olivia Tan
Vice-President Internal: Hayden White
Vice-President External: Jasper Brooksbank
Secretary: Kaleigh Spithoven
Treasurer: Helen Abbott
Education Officer: Emily Hackett
First Year Rep: Leah Whitmore & Dhruv Khanna
Second Year Rep: Jaahnavi Cheyyur & Joel Watts
Third Year Rep: Renae Long & Michael Derkacz
Fourth Year Rep: Stuart Purdie & Matt Cransberg
RCS Rep: Michael Offerman
International Officer: Gabrielle Stratford
AMSA Rep: Sachin Boniface
WAMSS Elective and Exchange Officer: Ella Forkin
SGR Coordinator: Aaro Raguragavan & Daniel Fasser & Duji Jayabalan
Academic Events Coordinator: Caitlin Sciorilli & Zi Mao & Elena Boothroyd
SHMRC Convenor: Harleen Saggu & Avijoy Roy Choudhury
Social Rep: Vishwajeet Modi & Diya Dhawan & Aryan Kalra
Orientation Rep: Nikita Zhuang & Joel Watts
Med Dinner Rep: Amy Collins & Joshua Alsop & Jessica Ingram
Allied Health Rep: Anna Madden & Mia Page
Sports Rep: Ewan George & Issy Chapple & Becky Pierri & Bailey Taylor
Environmental Officer: Edi Singh & Lisa Guo
WAMSS Mental Health Co-Chairs: Katherine Magpily & William Yap
Indigenous Rep: Shony Hayden
Queer Chair: Callum Burns & Luke Uden
Mature Chair: Brendan Selby
Website & IT Officer: Venkat Krishnamoorthy
Marketing Officer: JT Yeung & Alexander Lawrie
Undergraduate Communications Officer: Keerthana Murugan
Interhealth Chair: Alex Cowan & Sanchita Gera
Red Party Coordinator: Nik Warrier & Sriya Bobba
Foundation Chair: Britt Suann
WAMSS Person of the Year: Emily Hackett
President: Helen Abbott
Vice-President Internal: Renae Long
Vice-President External: Layaal Mikhael
Vice-President Academic: Alexander Lawrie
Vice-President Social: Chloe Gwynne
Vice-President Welfare: Sanchita Gera
Secretary: Andrew Chang
Treasurer: Aidan Lewis

Education Chair: Daniel Bontempo
First Year Reps: Ryan Dolovac & Prisha Goel
Second Year Reps: Fan Tang & Emily Galvin
Third Year Reps: Ben Milne & Jayanth Cheyyur
Fourth Year Reps: Ella Forkin & Akanksha Das
International Officer: Mia Pupic
AMSA Rep: Bartholomew Tang
WAMSS Elective and Exchange Officer: Nisha Jayachitra
SGR Coordinator: Alexandra Cowan, Niklesh Warrier, Stephanie Tan
Academic Events Coordinator: Thynn Mya, Rushil D'Cruz, Pumie Siriwardana
SHMRC Convenor: Sahil Gera & Luke Uden
Social Rep: Anji Ponnampalam, Ashvin Sharma, Munaaf Khan
Sports Rep: Alexandra Cavanagh, Alyssa Ward, Hudson Staer, Nicholas Villaluz
WAMSS Mental Health Co-Chairs: Tharuni Ekanayake, Amman Bari
Volunteering: Lalitya Chilaka
Indigenous Rep: Maya Raygen Kierath Stasiuk
Queer Chair: Rowan Webster & Iley Johnson
Mature Chair: Leah Whtimore
Website & IT Officer: JT Yeung
Marketing Officer: Ryan Wijayananda & Alex Truong
Undergraduate Communications Officer: Ashton Lau

Interhealth Chairs: Douglas Mok & Phoebe Sun
Red Party Coordinators: Donaiya wa Azaro & Shane Lim
Foundation Chair: Kaleigh Spithoven
WAMSS Person of the Year: Renae Long
President: Andrew Chang
VP Internal: Duli Jayalath
VP External: Shev Dias
VP Academic: Douglas Mok
VP Social: Shane Lim
VP Welfare: Iley Johnson
Secretary: Alex Truong
Treasurer: Sineng Jiang

MD2 Reps: Mujtaba Tariq Mian & Rana Ibrahim
MD3 Reps: Amitabh Jeganathan & Thilini Dissabandara
MD4 Reps: Narendra Gammanpila & Jun Ting Lai
WAMSS Elective and Exchange Officer: Rachel Geow
AMSA Rep: Blake Mathieson
Interhealth Chair: Danica Touyer Eljanna
Marketing Officers: Ying Yong & Clare Cheng
UCO: Thilini Dissabandara
Website + IT: Sugam Dhakal
SGR: Jayanth Cheyyur, Jaahanvi Cheyyur, Ben Milne
Academic Events Coordinators: Leah Yang, Victoria Pang, Edi Singh
SHMRC: Aryan Kalra & Jason Fasser
Social Reps: Anna Youn, Harman Singh, Rebecca Liu
Orientation Coordinators: Lucas Triglavcanin & Nick Villaluz
Red Party: Darsiha Balakirishnan & Nimisha Thomas
Medical Ball Reps: Ewan George, Joel Watts, Tara Denman
Sports Reps: Jeremy Kaputin, Ben Mitenko, Jess Allan, Maddie Townsend-Hyde
Volunteering Officer: Hannah Legge
Teddy Bear Hospital Coordinators: Cliff Tan & William Yap
WAMSS Mental Health Chairs: Keerthana Murugan & Aariyana Rashed
Indigenous Chairs: Shondell (Shony) Hayden & Shailyn Isaac
Mature Chair: Mike Kendall
Queer Chair: Luke Uden
International Officer: Ciaran Chay
IPP: Helen Abbott
Foundation Chair: Candra Maung

🔴 Current WAMSS Committee

2024 WAMSS Committee