Electives are an important part of our learning. They let us meet new people, be exposed to different environments and do a lot which we normally wouldn't. Electives take place before your last year of the degree and are usually self-organised.

Below is information to help you in that process. Note, some of the information on LMS is duplicated here.

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Choosing & Organising an Elective

An elective can take place in WA, in Australia, or overseas. Where you go is up to you. Many students choose to arrange their own, whilst others use corporate services to do so. The choice of hospital usually boils down to: Medical interest or Travel interest, or hopefully both.

If you've opted to self-organise, you will need to make contact with the hospital and arrange your elective. This usually takes place 6-12 months in advance depending on the popularity of the site you wish to visit. You will need to liaise with the faculty to ensure that the place you have chosen is appropriate.


WAMSS Elective Database - click to learn more

WAMSS Elective Database

External Resources


The Faculty and LMS

All MD students have access to 'MD Community' on LMS and the elective information is under 'MD Clinical Elective'. It includes how to apply for an elective, the Faculty approval process, forms, assessment requirements and information on elective scholarships, Os-help and other financial support.

Financing an Elective

An elective can work out to be expensive when you take into account travel costs, accommodation, food and if your elective requires payment. There are many scholarships, grants and loans available from the University (Study Abroad, Sobotka), OS-HELP (Student Loan) and scholarships, grants and low-interest available from our fantastic sponsors.
There is also information on the LMS unit for you to peruse. You're encourage to seek funding from anywhere that you can think of in order to reduce the financial burden of overseas/interstate electives.

Insurance and Vaccines

The University's Corporate Travel policy will cover you for the duration of your elective including weekends and public holidays falling within the approved dates and generally allows for up to two days either side of the official elective period for travel/down time.

If you are planning any additional travel time outside of this period a separate stand-alone leisure travel insurance policy needs to be purchased for the relevant number of additional days. Also keep in mind that most travel insurance policies do not provide cover in the event of failing an exam. So check!

Each year, at the WAMSS Electives and Exchange night, the Faculty Infection Control Officer at UWA Medical Centre, will present on health and safety and vaccination requirements. You can find out more information on LMS: MD Community/MD Clinical Elective and by contacting the Faculty.

Hosting Exchanges

As mentioned, WAMSS, AMSA, and IFMSA organise exchanges for students. Outgoing students are not required to host an incoming student. Instead, WAMSS and AMSA seek local volunteers to house incoming students. Host persons/families are paid $500 in compensation. If you're interested in hosting a medical student, please contact the WAMSS Electives and Exchange Officer at [email protected]