Interested in running for a position on WAMSS next year?

Please click here to find out more about the Appointed Positions for 2018. 

Congratulations to the newly elected WAMSS Executive for 2019!

President: Harry D'Souza

Vice President Internal: Lianne Leung

Vice President External: Emma Lu

Treasurer: Siyang Zhang

Secretary: Ollie Dearsley




Education Officer: Timothy Smith
MD1 and MD2 Representatives, RCS Representatives to be elected next year
MD3: Briena Nolan and Davide Tomassoni
MD4: Marissa Loh and Darren Cha
International Officer: Audrey Kim
Social Representatives: Vikas Bhat, Tithi Kulkarni & Caitlyn Taylor
MD1 Orientation Events Coordinators: Cody Melvin & Nathaniel Owen
MD2 Orientation Events Coordinators: Hannah Matthews & James Nguyen
Medical Dinner Representatives
Nikitha Boyapati, Jess Perring & Gavin Huangfu
Allied Health Representatives: Angela Burvill & Nathan Eckhardt
Sports Representatives:
Paul Stobie, John Peacey, Olivia Italiano & Catherine Fowler
Communications Chair: Ella Giudice
Publications Officer: Andra Sincari
Marketing Officers: Claudia Sampson & Tammy McKeith
Undergraduate Communications Officer: Rachel Moody
Indigenous Chair: Kirsty McLean
WAMSS Mental Health Chairs: Elise Salleo & Conor MacKay
Student Grand Rounds Coordinators: Gary Lau, Massimo Berneri & Nick Leedman
Red Party Chairs: Davina Daudu & Ben Chia
Academic Events Coordinators: No nominations
Appointed Positions
Open: Saturday 20 October 2018
Close: 11:59pm Wednesday 31 October 2018
Download the 2018 Election Guidebook here and find explanations of each of the roles, and their requirements.
Please note that elections for 2019 First and Second Year Representatives will be held separately at the beginning of 2019; allowing the entire MD1 and MD2 cohorts to nominate and vote for the positions.


  • Complete your nomination as per the instructions in the Appointed Positions guidebook.
  • Upload your nomination here.