The election period for the 2024 WAMSS Committee has now finished!

Thank you to everyone who participatd. We'll see you in the 2025 WAMSS Committee Elections soon!

Last updated: 24 November 2023


Find the final 2024 WAMSS Committee Nomination Bulletin here.

Congrats to the 2024 WAMSS Committee!

2024 WAMSS Committee Election Timeline

ExecutiveCommitteeAppointed Positions

Nomination Period
Open: 12:00am Monday 9 Oct 2023
Closes: 11:59pm Thursday 12 Oct 2023

Friday 13 October: Nomination bulletin made available
Nomination Period
Open: 12:00am Monday 16 Oct 2023
Closes: 11:59pm Friday 20 Oct 2023

Sunday 22 October: Nomination bulletin made available
Nomination Period
Open: 12:00am Monday 16 Oct 2023
Closes: 11:59pm Tuesday 31 Oct 2023
Begins: 12:00am Saturday 14 Oct 2023
Ends: 11:59pm Sunday 15 Oct 2023

Open: 12:00am Monday 16 Oct 2023
Closes: 11:59pm Tuesday 17 Oct 2023
Begins: 12:00am Monday 30 Oct 2023
Ends: 11:59pm Wednesday 1 Nov 2023

Open: 12:00am Thursday 2 Nov 2023
Closes: 11:59pm Friday 3 Nov 2023
No voting or campaigning required.

Appointed position nominations will open concurrently with committee position nominations. Those unsuccessful with a committee position are welcome to apply until the deadline.
Election timeline is subject to change pending any positions that have not received nominations. Subsequent nomination, campaigning and voting periods will be modified. Stay up to date through the announcements above, via the event page, and your student emails.

How to Nominate?

1 / Check nomination dates in the table above.

2 / Write your nomination spiel according to the position outline found in the Committee Election Guidebook.

3 / Find a nice photo of yourself!

4 / Submit both in the Nomination Form once made available

Nomination Forms

The Nomination Form will be posted here once the respective nomination period for has commenced for either executive or committee.

Key Documents

The 2024 WAMSS Committee Election Guidebook

This document has all the information about positions available and how and when to nominate, campaign, and vote.

WAMSS Committee Election Guidebook

Elections Social Media Campaigning Guidelines

Read this carefully. Any nominees found to be in breach of these guidelines may be disqualified from the election.

An event has been created through the WAMSS Facebook account for campaign and voting week. Find the event here. Policy discussions are permitted to take place on the event page only during the campaigning period outlined above.

Candidates may:

• Post a link from their Facebook profile to the Nomination Bulletin on the WAMSS Website one (1) time. Posts are limited to 50 words and must not include description of your policies.
• Post one (1) post to the WAMSS Secretary By-Election Facebook event page. This post may include text, images and video. These posts may not include links to other sites. The length of any video posted will be limited to four (4) minutes.

All other forms of campaigning on social media are banned. This includes but is not limited to:

a) Social media posts other than a link to the WAMSS Website relating to the election.
b) Event pages on any social media site to publicise a campaign.
c) Snapchats, Twitter updates, Instagram posts or external websites about your campaign, policy or agenda.
d) Use of large scale email threads or large scale private messaging on social media sites.
e) Engaging in conversations already taking place on social media regarding the WAMSS elections; this extends to things such as liking various comments or making inane statements which do not relate to the election, if the conversation is relating to the WAMSS election, stay out of it. Discussion on the WAMSS Election Facebook event is permitted.
f) Asking another person to use social media to promote your campaign
g) Creating a fake profile from which to do any of the above.

Nomination Spiel Template

Upload this as part of your nomination (when nominations open).