Interested in running for a position on WAMSS next year?

Nomination Bulletins

2020 Elections Timeline


  • The Elections Guidebook - this has all the information about positions available and how and when to nominate, campaign and vote
  • Elections Social Media Campaigning Guidelines - READ THIS. Any nominees found to be in breach of these guidelines may be disqualified from the election.
  • Nomination Spiel template - upload this as part of your nomination (when nominations open)
  • UPDATED - NOW WITH ALLIED HEALTH REPS AND ACADEMIC EVENTS COORDINATORS  Appointed Positions - this document contains a list of all Appointed Positions, as well as role descriptions for each and how to apply.

Links to the Nomination Forms will be posted below when the relevant period opens.



  1. Check nomination dates in the table above.
  2. Write your nomination spiel according to the position outline
  3. Find a photo of yourself
  4. Submit both in the Nomination Form (links below)

If you find anyone in breach of the Campaigning Guidelines, or if you have any questions about elections at all, please do not hesitate to contact either the Elections Administration Officer James Nguyen at [email protected] or the Returning Officer Lianne Leung at [email protected].


Executive Nominations:

Executive Nominations have now closed. Please see the Nomination Bulletin above.

Committee Nominations:

Appointed Positions: