WAMSS Student Grand Rounds (SGR) coordinates various peer-to-peer education initiatives that aim to equip medical students with the knowledge and skills required for clinical practice.

The SGR curriculum consists of peer-led sessions that aim to improve existing knowledge/skills, increase clinical exposure and build confidence.

The SGR program closely mirrors and builds upon the MD curriculum.

Check out the SGR Learning Hub Archive [WAMSS]SGR Learning Hub [Facebook] for updates or email [email protected]


The Learning Hub | MD3| MD2 | Teaching on the Run


The Learning Hub

Your central port of call for fortnightly cases (think CXRs, ECGs, and more), learning resources and sign-ups for JMO-led bedside tutorials.

Established in 2021, the Facebook group now has over 800 members from across all three Western Australian medical schools.

Check out the Learning Hub Archive [WAMSS] for our database of practice cases.

MD3 OSCE Preparation Program

With its inception in 2022, the preparation sessions have been well received by MD3s preparing for their first ever OSCEs.

Over the year, benevolent MD4 students provide useful tips and tricks to get your (two years of) OSCE practice off to the right start.

MD3 Exam Revision Series

Confused by Rhesus disease? Can’t find Shenton’s line? Unsure why UWA loves Kawasaki disease so much? Well you’ve come to the right place.

After their final exams, altruistic (and bored) MD4s deliver a series of high yield tutorials in the lead up to MD3 exams, with a focus on unique disciplines such as O&G, paediatrics, and orthopaedics.

MD2 Clinical Skills Tutorials

Our wonderful MD3 volunteers take small groups of MD2s on a whirlwind tour through history and examination skills prior to their stressful (albeit exciting) transition from the classroom to the operating room.

Teaching on the Run

Led by Professor Fiona Lake, this renowned course teaches a lucky group of MD4s invaluable principles of both formal and informal medical education.

There is also pizza.