WAMSS Financial Memberships are for UWA postgraduate MD students.

There are many benefits to becoming a member, including:

- Discounted tickets for WAMSS Events, including a special event discount for the annual Med Ball

- Rights to apply for executive roles on the WAMSS committee and subcommittees

Select your WAMSS Financial Membership

Check out the table below to compare different membership options.

Click on the following PayPal links to process your payment. If you have an existing WAMSS account, please sign in before doing so.

Once your payment is complete, you will be redirected to our website to create your WAMSS Account, or your membership will automatically be updated if you are signed in.

1 Year Membership

$ 10*

* plus 0.57 PayPal Surcharge

2 Year Membership

$ 18*

* plus 0.79 PayPal Surcharge

3 Year Membership

$ 25*

* plus $0.97 PayPal Surcharge

4 Year Membership

$ 30*

* plus $1.11 PayPal Surcharge

WAMSS Membership Benefits
1 Eligible to vote for UCO only
2 Eligible for some committee positions and all subcommittee positions
3 Eligible for all committee and subcommittee positions
4 Eligible for some committee and subcommittee positions