WAMSS Mental Health is a student organisation dedicated to raising awareness about mental health, student wellbeing and fighting stigma.

Our aims are to raise awareness about the link between mental health and general health and wellbeing, and to promote a positive perception of mental health services.

We run regular events and campaigns to inform, educate and advocate for better mental health among medical students and the medical community.

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We are proudly sponsored by Doctors Health Advisory Western Australia and Psychiatry Interest Forum.

Upcoming Events

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Student Help Centre

Studying medicine has its ups and downs. If you're struggling, check out the student help centre for advice and guidance. Click here to access the student help centre.

Beyond the Scrubs

Beyond the Scrubs is an exciting video series with the goal of opening dialogue about mental health among medical students through sharing individual experiences the series will involve students from all cohorts within the medical community.

Grab some popcorn, relax, and tune in to watch the fascinating stories told by your mates unravel on screen!

View the most recent episode below:

Episode #1: Maladaptive Perfectionism

View past episodes here

Humans of Medicine

Humans of Medicine (WA) is an initiative by WAMSS Mental Health that aims to share doctors’ personal stories about their journey through medicine, with a view to providing medical students with some insights into managing the highs and lows of this thing which Osler called a life course.

This project is sponsored by the Doctors' Health Advisory Service (DHASWA) and Psychiatry Interest Forum (PIF).

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