The WAMSS Foundation researches and drafts long-term plans for WAMSS and acts as an advisory body to the WAMSS Committee.

It was started by John Zorbas - 2006 WAMSS President - in an attempt to improve the institutional memory of the organisation that he loved and had dedicated so much to.

Unlike other portfolios within WAMSS, the Foundation works on different projects each year with the aim of improving the efficiency, sustainability, and impact of the society into the future.

As with any new group who aren’t charged with running a specific event, the work of the Foundation over the years has been variable.

Almost always, members of the Foundation have been active medical students holding other WAMSS roles, or in fact graduated doctors, busy with medical practice.

In 2017, the WAMSS Foundation re-published the Reflex magazine, developed new ways to engage with undergraduate and associate medical students, surveyed WAMSS members for their opinions on the progress of the society, and collected and archived old WAMSS memorabilia.