Everyone needs help sometimes.

Know that you are not alone, and that you have the support of everyone here at WAMSS. Click through the panels to learn more about the ways in which you can get the help you need!

I need help, but I’m worried about what will happen if I ask

Doctors are in a unique position. They encourage patients to seek help and treatment for mental health conditions, but are…

Help: my WWCC/HE Number has expired!

For information on how to update your Working With Children Card and updating your HE Number…

Help: I’m starting clinical!

Congratulations! You have gotten through the long, hard slog of pre-clinical and are now ready to apply your learning in the clinical environment!

As with all points of transition, this is a very exciting and also nerve-wracking time for many students.

WAMSS receives the same questions every year from students about to make the transition: what do I do, how do I make the most of my time on clinical, what if xyz happens. These questions are hard to answer as they are so situation- and individual-dependent. As such, we strongly encourag students to speak with their WAMSS Clinical Buddy or other senior students for their thoughts.

Help: I’m being bullied on placement

Bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment is unfortunately commonly experienced by medical students, but it is never acceptable.

WAMSS and the Medical School collaborated to produce a resource for students about bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment.

COVID-19 – Specific Concerns

Disclaimer: We’re not counsellors/psychologist/other health professionals. Our only qualification is that we are also students, and so may have some…

What WAMSS is doing

COVID-19 Mental Health Survey topbankinfo.ru As we all know, COVID-19 has been changing our lives in many different ways and…

Help; COVID-19

Welcome to the COVID-19 edition of WAMSS’ I need help! page. The content here is based on the results of the COVID-19/Mental Health Survey.

COVID-19-specific resources

Everything about COVID-19 and mental health We went to collect all the different COVID-19 resources we had seen floating around…

Help: I Need Help

If you are feeling more down than usual, don’t enjoy things you normally do, have been feeling particularly anxious or nervous, know that you are not alone.

Try talking to friends or family and make some time for self-care: you will know best what works for you. Go out for a walk or try get yourself a nice meal – there is a lot of evidence for exercise, good nutrition and mindfulness/meditation in improving mental wellbeing.

If these aren’t helping, you could consider professional help. You do not have to fit DSM criteria to be ‘allowed’ to seek help – everyone has the right to some extra support.

Help; I Have No Money

What to do if you find yourself stuck in a crack in the ground underneath a giant boulder you can’t…

Help; I Need Time Off

If you need time off, you will need to apply for it through the appropriate channels. Short Leave (<2 days):…

Help; I’m Sick!

Contrary to popular belief, medical students are humans too, and we get sick sometimes. If this happens to you: STEP…