Medical Student Concerns During COVID-19

As if being a medical student in itself wasn’t enough to keep you busy, these days we get to spend extra time worrying about what it means to be a medical student in the time of COVID!

Whether this be how to manage hospital placements and PPE, what our vaccination requirements are, what we do if we are a close contact, or even if we get COVID ourselves. This page will hopefully help you with answering some of these questions.

Life Concerns During COVID-19

This is aimed at a general population and is not tailored to those who have a specific diagnosis of e.g. depression, anxiety, or even non-mental health related conditions.

COVID-19 Specific Resources

We went to collect all the different COVID-19 resources we had seen floating around the internet, and found Life in Mind Australia had already done it for us!

It’s a very comprehensive list. It includes general info about COVID, mental health information sheets, in a time of COVID, online help services, specific help services: eating disorders, rural health, LGBTI, children’s mental health, and much more!