What To Do If I Need Help

If you are feeling more down than usual, don’t enjoy things you normally do, have been feeling particularly anxious or nervous, know that you are not alone.

Gaby’s Journey

This week we have Gaby, who’s story shows us that you can still maintain a life outside of medicine, adventuring, mountaineering, and being that ‘crazy horse girl’…

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Student Grand Rounds

WAMSS Student Grand Rounds (SGR) coordinates various peer-to-peer education initiatives that aim to equip medical students with the knowledge and skills required for clinical practice.

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MD1 Survival Guide

Welcome! You’ve made it into medicine, but now, a fresh set of anxieties, worries, and expectations hit. What to do now?

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WAMSS Academic Events

WAMSS Academic Events organise events throughout the year to supplement and add to the standard medical curriculum. Their mOSCE events are always highly anticipated to help students prepare for their clinical practice and final exams.

Sim’s Story

Sim has been travelling in parallel with the medical field: in bioengineering, cancer genetics, and heart regeneration research. Even after such diverse opportunities, she decided that it was time to revisit her interest in medicine.

2022 // Suits & Scrubs, Into the Uni-verse

WAMSS and The Blackstone Society are super excited to present Suits and Scrubs: Into the Uni-verse

Chuck on your scrubs and dust off your finest suits, because this is the collab event you’ve all been waiting for!