What To Do If I Need Help

If you are feeling more down than usual, don’t enjoy things you normally do, have been feeling particularly anxious or nervous, know that you are not alone.

Medical Student Concerns During COVID-19

As if being a medical student in itself wasn’t enough to keep you busy, these days we get to spend extra time worrying about what it means to be a medical student in the time of COVID!

Whether this be how to manage hospital placements and PPE, what our vaccination requirements are, what we do if we are a close contact, or even if we get COVID ourselves. This page will hopefully help you with answering some of these questions.

I need help, but I’m worried about what will happen if I ask

Doctors are in a unique position. They encourage patients to seek help and treatment for mental health conditions, but are less likely to actually seek help themselves. This is despite the fact that Australian and international studies generally report doctors having higher rates of mental health conditions than the general population.

Help: I’m starting clinical!

Congratulations! You have gotten through the long, hard slog of pre-clinical and are now ready to apply your learning in the clinical environment!

You’ve got questions. WAMSS has some tips for you before you start your clinical placements.

Help: I’m being bullied on placement

Bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment is unfortunately commonly experienced by medical students, but it is never acceptable.

WAMSS and the Medical School collaborated to produce a resource for students about bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment.

Life Concerns During COVID-19

This is aimed at a general population and is not tailored to those who have a specific diagnosis of e.g. depression, anxiety, or even non-mental health related conditions.

COVID-19 Specific Resources

We went to collect all the different COVID-19 resources we had seen floating around the internet, and found Life in Mind Australia had already done it for us!

It’s a very comprehensive list. It includes general info about COVID, mental health information sheets, in a time of COVID, online help services, specific help services: eating disorders, rural health, LGBTI, children’s mental health, and much more!

Help; I Have No Money

What to do if you find yourself stuck in a crack in the ground underneath a giant boulder you can’t move with no hope of rescue due to a lack …