Dr Nicholas Faint – medicine: ‘easy’ to practice, difficult to integrate?

Medicine – superficially, it appears simple enough for the stereotypical medical student (driven with a sprinkling of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder). There are learning objectives, examinations and key performance indicators that need to be achieved in order to advance. The same can be said for fellowship training; don’t fail a rotation, complete workplace-based assessments, pass summative assessments and collect your letters. Pretty straightforward, right? 

I need help, but I’m worried about what will happen if I ask

Doctors are in a unique position. They encourage patients to seek help and treatment for mental health conditions, but are less likely to actually seek help themselves. This is despite the fact that Australian and international studies generally report doctors having higher rates of mental health conditions than the general population.

Help: I’m starting clinical!

Congratulations! You have gotten through the long, hard slog of pre-clinical and are now ready to apply your learning in the clinical environment!

You’ve got questions. WAMSS has some tips for you before you start your clinical placements.

2021 // WAMSS Medical Dinner – A Night in Monte Carlo

The WAMSS Medical Ball 2021 was themed as A night in Monte Carlo, which occured on October 30th 2021!

Everyone was invited to eat, dance and live it up at the playground for the rich and famous. It was a night that was full of glitz and glamour. It was a memorable night to look elegant and live our best lives.

The medical dinner took place at the Westin Hotel, where our fine guests enjoyed a fine meal and live entertainment as we celebrated the year that was, to send off our 2021 cohort in style!

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Thinking About Med?

Thinking about studying medicine at UWA?

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